Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was spotted in Lancaster on Wednesday night; photographed with an engaged couple | Entertainment

Rupert Grint, best known for his role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, was spotted in Lancaster on Wednesday night with his girlfriend Georgia Groom and their daughter Wednesday.

Morgan Black and Ryan Mihotti were photographed for an engagement near the central market of Lancaster and Shot & Bottle when they saw Grint, reports photographer Lauren Bliss.

Bliss noticed Grinta while taking pictures.

“I saw a man following us,” says Bliss. “We were crossing the street to be photographed in the press room and I saw him walking past Passenger Coffee and that way past the Marriott. He pointed to the Marriott and showed his daughter. I grew up with cinema, so I immediately recognized his face … I tapped on the shoulders of my clients, I think you think it’s him? I’m almost sure.

Initially, they did not approach him, says Bliss. They did not want to interrupt his family time.

“We were shaking. It’s a really amazing experience,” says Bliss. “I didn’t want to go to anyone and ruin their day when I was inaccurate. So I was afraid it wasn’t the one I knew.”

So Bliss took a picture of Black and Michoti near the press room and approached the Marriott to take more photos. But when Bliss was photographed near Shot & Bottle, she realized that Grint and his family were in the background.

Morgan Black and Ryan Michoti posed for an engagement photo shoot on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. According to photographer Lauren Bliss, the couple is actor Rupert Grint and his partner Georgia Groom.

“My client Morgan approached them and asked if he would participate in them,‘ Save the Date, ’” Bliss says with a laugh. “Because I was taking pictures of their engagement. And he said, ‘Wow, I’m so impressed that you guys recognized me in my mask!’ talked because I didn’t want to waste time with his family, but then they just went to Shot & Bottle and went inside. “

Black and Michoti are big Harry Potter fans, so seeing Grint during their photo shoot was a special moment, Bliss says.

“Morgan and Ryan were thrilled, so it was a great experience,” Bliss says. “They said, ‘This is such a magical engagement.’ We literally found Ron Weasley. ”

There is no clear reason why Grint was in Lancaster on Wednesday night.

Grint was filmed in M. Knight Shemalan’s film with Lancaster-born actor Jonathan Groff, entitled “Knock on the Cabin,” though it’s unclear whether that’s why Grint was in the area. Shemalan grew up in Penn Valley, Lower Marion, and filmed past projects in Pennsylvania.

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