Harry Stiles stopped sold out in London to help fans in trouble Entertaining news

Harry Stiles stopped his sold-out show in London to help fans in need.

The 28-year-old singer stopped his One Night Only concert at London’s O2 Academy Brixton on Tuesday night (24.05.22) in the middle of a performance of his 2017 single “Sign Of The Times” to make sure the fan is okay.

Harry – who hoisted the Ukrainian flag over the microphone – asked fans if they could “split up, make way down, please,” and addressed the rest of the crowd, saying, “Everyone else is fine? Are you okay?”

“We will keep going when everyone is feeling well.”

Just under 5,000 fans flocked to the South London venue to take part in the storms as Harry entertained his fans with a series of songs from his latest album “Harry’s House” as well as his 2020 hit “Watermelon Sugar”, among others. .

Also during the show Harry told fans that she was “better” without an ex after a fan stated through a sign that he had betrayed her.

Noticing the announcement in the crowd, Harry said, “It’s written on this sign, I can paraphrase, ‘My boyfriend slept with my best friend,’ and then it says, ‘Friends suck.’ “

Harry then asked a Jess fan what her boyfriend’s name was, and she replied, “Luke.”

The hitmaker “As It Was” said: “Anyway it’s like a *** name. I won’t lie, Jess, it’s brutal.

“I’ll say you’re better off without him.”

What’s more, Harry hasn’t forgotten about his 1D roots, as during the show he released a version of the band’s debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” before leading his crowd to perform “Happy Birthday To You” for a fan.

Before the show began, Harry’s fans were forbidden to stand in line 12 hours before the show.

A sign on the site read: “Queues for the Harry Stiles show are strictly prohibited until 8 a.m. on Tuesday, May 24.”

Over the weekend, the venue explained that the rule applies to other concerts “the previous evenings.”

The team tweeted: “IMPORTANT NOTE

“If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to @Harry_Styles, we’re excited about this show, like everyone else, but we had other gigs the night before, so we have to stress that you won’t be able to stand in line until 8 a.m. on May 24 .

“Thank you for your understanding.”


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