Has the Heat-Celtics East final turned into a quarter of the poll? – Reading the Eagle

Q: Quarters, are we talking about quarters? How stupid is this, we’re talking about neighborhoods, dude? (In my voice, Allen Iverson.) – Douglas.

A: In the years I’ve been doing this, outside of the summer league I can’t recall such a transformation in terms of the number of quarters the team has won in the series. I understand Celtics coach Ime Udoka tried to use this as motivation for his team after losing to Boston in the first game, pointing out that they won three of the four quarters. And now the number of quarters in favor of Boston in these eastern finals is 10-2, even if the “Hit” is ahead with a score of 2-1 in the series of the best of seven. But even in the ballroom at the team hotel Heat used for Sunday’s media session, Eric Spoelstra looked most surprising when asked about the Celtics ’dominance in winning quarters. It seemed like he wanted to know when that thing happened. The answer, of course, is from Tuesday. “At the end of the game the clock goes to zero, have we won or lost?” Spoelstra said his advantage is a measuring stick. “That’s what our focus is on.” If it turns out to be the way to the championship, perhaps the inscription on the rings will be: “But did not win many quarters.” Anyway, it has two cents.

Q: Does the Celtics include anyone else as a starter so that Marcus Smart can run out of the tunnel before the start of Monday? – Elon.

A: Well, well. Based on the Celtics drama, rumors of Marcus Smart’s death are likely to spread, only to be seen as a resurrection if / when he goes to court on Monday. TD Garden, where the drama takes place.

Q: Why haven’t we heard more about the project? The Heat has a choice in the first round. “Lawrence.”

A: Because it happens when the Eastern Conference finals are held at the same time as the gathering before the NBA Draft. But the heat has been here before, juggling deep playoff runs and draft estimates. However, if Pat Riley is free to trade election number 27, after the machinations with Thunder in terms of trade, who knows how comprehensive such training will take?


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