Hazelwood community falters after 6-year-old boy accidentally shoots himself in the head

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The community is faltering after a 6-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the head.

The boy is in critical condition at a local hospital and people who know him want to know what happened.

On Sunday night, Hazelwood received a call from the first service, in which a boy was accidentally shot. Police said when they came to the house on Johnston Avenue, they found a boy with a gunshot wound to the head.


(Photo credit: KDKA)

“I’m sorry it happened,” said neighbor Judy Earl.

Earl said he knew the baby’s grandmother. She said she has several other children and she will never be so irresponsible to leave a gun where children can find it.

“From what I know about her, she’s a woman who works all the time and is always at work, and if not, she takes care of her grandson here,” Earl said.

Police do not yet know how the little boy got his hands on the gun, but they said it was a “tragic accident”.

Officials said there were four other people in the house, but it is unknown whether they are a family.

Earl said she wouldn’t be surprised if it was Grandma’s gun.

“She’s a grandmother with children,” she said. “And if she had a gun at home, she probably only had one to protect her and her children.”

Police are conducting an investigation.

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