Heads of cities and districts are helping to pack boxes of supplies for the victims of the war in Ukraine

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – Local leaders helped collect all donations donated by residents of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to victims of the war in Ukraine.

It is part of their partnership with the Brother’s Brother Foundation to help get hard-to-reach hygiene products for refugees.

Those involved in the event said they were thrilled with the community’s help in raising funds and donations.

“Five Girl Scouts came up with a box of toothbrushes,” said Darin Kelly, president of the Allegheny Fayette Labor Council. “Just being a part of something, and it’s not just a bunch of 10-year-olds giving something, throughout their lives they’ll never forget what it’s like to give to someone who needs it.”

The brother-in-law said they have so far raised more than $ 2 million to help ship medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine.

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