In accordance with, 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Tumors need to be analyzed at the molecular level to ensure patients have access to the best treatments. However, current methods have limitations (for example, IVD compliance and validation are difficult, and existing software workflows are still a bottleneck). In addition, up to one-third of patients diagnosed with lung cancer cannot obtain a traditional tissue sample, which can prevent patients from receiving therapy targeted to their specific tumor makeup.

A Swiss biotechnology company Heather Dx has raised €14 million in funding to launch a blood testing solution to profile cancer DNA circulating in the blood and help patients access better treatments.

The circle led c Adam Gobarathe founder of Top Harvest Capital and with support Invention, Air Street Capital, Amino Collective and GRIDS Capital.

The company will then use the funding to implement the first phase of a large clinical testing program of oncology real-world evidence (RWE).

Founded in 2021, Hedera Dx is launching a blood-based solution that radically simplifies the process of finding the right regulatory-approved therapy for each cancer patient, enabling hospital laboratories to perform clinically actionable liquid biopsies in-house.

Tommy Lehtonen, co-founder and CEO of Hedera Dx, said: “The introduction of liquid biopsies and the information from these tests will also advance our understanding of cancer and open up new opportunities in cancer treatment. With our funding, we can bring a liquid biopsy solution to market for our own laboratories and have a clear impact on clinical practice.”

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Hedera Dx Christian Meisel added, “We enable hospital laboratories and oncologists to offer hope and new treatment options to patients coping with cancer, helping them and their families thrive and lead better, longer lives.”

Adam Gobara, founder of Top Harvest Capital, concluded: “The use of liquid biopsy tests for early detection, choice of therapy and monitoring of recurrence is critical to moving cancer treatment forward. Hedera Dx will play an important role in bringing ML-based diagnostics into mainstream clinical care at scale.”

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