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LOS ANGELES – Helen Mirren graces People magazine’s “The Beautiful Issue” in a cover that touches on her thoughts on beauty and how the Oscar winner is still nervous before filming the role.

The magazine on Wednesday revealed cover the annual issue, which goes to the kiosks on Friday.

Mirren, 76, said she was “surprised” to learn of her honor and never considered herself beautiful, especially at her age. From her point of view, the word beauty should be called another word: splendor.

“I like the word bragging because I think I’m confident, I present myself to the world, I enjoy the world around me,” said Mirren, who won an Oscar for Best Actress. role in the 2006 film The Queen. The actor, who has been a representative of L’Oreal Paris since 2014, has built an impressive acting career, earning more than 140 credits in 55 years.

“I think what is called the beauty industry should be called the arrogance industry,” she continued. “We give people boast.”

Despite her esteemed career, she is still nervous before starting a new project.

“I’m very nervous about the daily process,” said Mirren, who has starred in films such as Good Friday, Elizabeth I and The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. “And meeting and communicating with new people. And not knowing whether I will remember my lines or not. I’m just really scared until I get into the middle of things, and then I somehow relax. “

After the film ended, Mirren said that her nerves had calmed down and she did not read any reviews – good or bad.

While Mirren does not dare to call herself beautiful, Vin Diesel believes that the word suits her perfectly.

“Her charisma is eternal. She has looks to kill, and always. She has a cheerful spirit, ”said Diesel, who starred in the 2021 film“ F9 ”with Mirren. “But I think the most attractive thing about Helen Mirren’s lady is how she makes you feel. It always makes you feel respected and loved. And for that I love her forever. “

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