Here are the winners of the 3rd Annual Central PA Music Awards Life and culture

At the 3rd Annual Central PA Music Awards and Hall of Fame on Thursday, March 24, musicians and bands from Lancaster put on an impressive performance throughout the evening.

Along with Hall of Fame ceremonies, including Live, Les Brown and others, Lancaster musicians received trophies in several categories, including:

-Big Fat Meanies for “Best Rock Band” and “Best Female Vocalist” for Meanies singer Bernie Dill.

-Solar Federation, for “Best Tribute Band”.

-Valerian Sun for “Best New Band”.

-Case Walton for “Best Solo Female”.

-Steven Courtney Projects / Radio Vibe Recording, for “Best Recording Studio”.

Read the full list of evening winners below and check it out cpmhof.com for more information.

When musicians enter a recording studio, some come up with ideas, some with a blank slate and …

These days it’s good to be a Mini.

Album / EP release

Big Fat Meanies – Bad Hand

Big Sky Quartet – Red Fire Rising *

Colebrook Road – Rear 2020

Dinosaurs in Paris – A sad thing

Conrad Fischer is a home-made product

Jess Zimmerman Band – Breathe

Mark DeRose and Dreadnoughts – In Search of the Good Days

Nathan Merovich was brought up in Stx

A Scent Like Wolves – Mystic Auras

Gabe Stillman – Just say the word

Song of the Year

“Again and again” – Annie Elise

“Welcome to the country” – D-Bo! (starring Gareth Schultz)

“What we expect” is an eternal frequency

“That jacket” – Koper and Cash

“I’m sorry I am” – Lindhurst *

“Awareness of Death” – Watch the 93rd

“The body will break” – Olivia Farabo

“Fighter” – Corina Rose

“How you lie” – J. J. Rap

“Everything at once” – Valerian of the Sun.

The best female vocalist

Brenna Dill – Big Fat Cereals *

Leah Beth Evans – Duet Frost

Becca Jones

Amy Simpson is an Amy Simpson project

Jess Zimmerman – Jess Zimmerman Band

Best male vocalist

Zach Blessing – Blessing & Fowler

Phil Freeman – Little Urban Titans

Derek Henry – Watch the 93rd *

J. J. Rap

James Walpert – Valerian San


Olivia Faraba

Sarah Fior

Conrad Fischer *

The hunter’s root

Cody Wilt

Variety / dance orchestra

Central City Orchestra

Downtown Sound Band

Demanded city

An unforgettable big band

The Uptown Band *

Best folk band / performer

Big Sky Quartet *

Cumberland Med



Matt Wheeler

Best Pop Band / Artist

Annie Elise *

Madison Ryan

Almost York

Angie Rip

Wild hymns

Best R&B band / performer


Shavan Rice

Alonda Rich

The decision of the soul *


The best cover band

Colt Wilbur Band

Famous *

Hot and dangerous

Bugs Luv


Midnite Riot


Trio Gray Malen

Smooth as Clyde

Stephanie and Wild Hearts

The best rock band

Ben Ginder Group

Big Fat Cereals *

Cass and rescue team

Drew and Blue

Hold on

Johnny 5 and Flyin ‘Helos

Jellyfish Disco


Valerian of the Sun.

Wes Hawk and the band Bare Roots

The best tribute band

Crippled but free

The dead

Girl America

Shi Quinn is the band that sold the world

Solar Federation *

Best country band

American Wild

Whiskey with spruce skin

Jess Zimmerman Band *

band Nick Tower

Whiskey on the rocks

Alternative rock

Blind choice

The number of the sun

Watch 93 *

Revival of the villain

Ted McCloskey and Hi-Fi

The best country artist

Devon Beck

Kendall Conrad

Olivia Faraba

Corina Rose *

Gillian Smith

The best country performer

Grant Brian

Stephen Ryan Kissinger

Cat Matthews

Natan Merovich *

RJ Moody

Austin Rife

J. J. Rap

Sam Schmidttuber

Tyler Short

Gareth Schultz

The best alternative

Cold Spring Union *

Hawkersville Station

Zach King

Nick Andrew Staver

Jerry tractor and bucket for dirt

Best Bluegrass Band

Blue stone

Colebrook Road

Revival of the Dead Horse

Mom Corn

Rarely said no *

Best Jazz Band / Artist

Anna Alexandra Trio

The Frost Duo *

Harrisburg Jazz Band

Emanuel Nsingani

City of Teens

The best blues band

Blues at large

Nate Myers and Aces

Skyla Burrell

Gabe Stillman *

Switch fu

Blues rock

Ben Brandt & Soul Miners Union

Copper bets *

Don Johnson’s project

The Drew Cook Project

Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen

Best funk / groove band

AMFM: Andy Mouat’s Frequency Movement

Flapjack Jones and Bender Bro


Garbage juice


Best rap / hip hop artist

Lo Badget *


Howerton and Zeke

Nick Knight

Max J.

The best metal band


Bold *

It is felt

Smells like wolves

Suicide dolls

Best New Band / Artist

Gray Shields

Life is lost


Gillian Smith

Valerian Sun *

Youth artist / band

Before the end

Eddie Grace

Nail bite

Vera Noel

Amy Ryan

Christian Jaeger *

Best hard rock


Dinosaurs in Paris

Eternal frequency *

Six bars break

Little urban titans

Children’s music

Cjojo Teacher

Stephen Courtney


Holly Series *

Lenny Tepsich / Mr. Music

Acoustic Duo *

Blessing and Fowler


Swallow’s tail

Erica Lynn Everest duet


Woman solo

Brenda Brun

Alexia Christian

Becca Jones

Amber Nadine

Casey Walton *

A single man

Antonio Andrade *

Adam Blessing

Dave Gates

Sean Pike

James Zero

The best venue for live music



Mickey’s Black Box

Phantom power


The best photo

Francis Aksmith

Dr. D

Chris Ryder *


Rachel Rocks

The best video

Alyx Digital Media

JBAW Productions

Carl McWerther *

Nesmith Movies

Ben dad movies

The best tool shop

BCR music and sound *

Creter Guitar Shop

Dale Drum Shop

Player exchange

Woodshed Guitar Works

The best music lessons

Music Forte

Keystone Center for the Performing Arts *


Menchey Music Service

Tailors tons

The best recording studio

Audio Atrium

Eight days a week

Green Room Recording Studio

Steven Courtney Projects / Radio Vibe Records *

Rock Mill Studios

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