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Penn State will play with Arkansas on New Year’s Day Outback Bowl. This will be the 26th time the Nittany Lions will play in the Cup on January 1st. In these competitions the Nittany Lions have a score of 14-10-1.

Here are five of these games. One of the games secured the national championship. One threw them out of number 1 and three completed unbeaten seasons.

Two games not shown here are the Nittany Lions’ 14-10 victory over Miami in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, which brought Penn State its second national title, and the 1995 Rose Bowl victory over Oregon.

Both of those games ended the season undefeated, but both games took place on January 2nd.

Orange Bowl, 1969

Penn State 15, Kansas 14

Penn State scored a touchdown 15 seconds before the end and added a two-point conversion to win. The Nittany Lions ’first attempt on two resulted in an incomplete pass, but Kansas was fined 12 people on the field.

In Penn State’s second attempt with two points, Bob Campbell scored a goal by going around the left side to bring victory to the Nittany Lions.

The winning TD was created on a 48-yard pass from Lions quarterback Chuck Burkhart to Campbell, who put the ball in the Jawhacks 3.

After Kansas filled two runs, Burkhart scored on goal from the left.

John Riggins, who later played in the NFL for Washington, put Kansas ahead 14-7 on a 1-yard TD from 12:38 until the end of the game.

Penn State finished the season 11-0 and finished 2nd in the AP poll and 3rd in the UPI Coaches poll

Here’s a video of Burkhart’s pass to Campbell that gave Penn State the first and goal. Three runs at the goal line and attempts to convert two points.

Orange Bowl, 1970

Penn State 10, Missouri 3

Penn State scored 10 points in the first quarter, and that was enough to win as the Nittany Lions defense led by linebacker Jack Ham intercepted seven passes and resumed two attempts.

The only touchdown in the game was a 28-yard pass from Chuck Burkhart to Leidel Mitchell.

Despite finishing undefeated for the second season in a row, Penn State (11-0) finished second in the polls.

Here are the highlights from the game. Mitchell TD is at 6:20.

Orange Bowl, 1974

Penn State 16, LSU 9

“Nitton Lions” (12-0) finished another perfect season, but in the polls took only fifth place.

After LSU took a 7-0 lead, Penn State scored in a 44-yard field goal by Chris Barr in the first quarter and added two TDs in the second quarter to win.

Lions receiver Chuck Hurd intercepted Tom Schumann’s pass with one hand and scored a goal in the 72-yard game.

And ran away John Cappeletti, the only Heisman Trophy winner in Penn State, scored on the 1st yard.

Here is a video of catching a TD with one hand.

Confectionery, 1979

Alabama 14, Pennsylvania 7

In a game dominated by defense, Alabama’s goal on the goal line in the fourth quarter prevented Penn State from reaching the finish line and deprived the Nittany Lions of victory and a national title.

Entering the game, Penn State took 1st place, Alabama – 2nd.

Here is a video of the turn that gave the Nittany Lions the ball, and their drive that ended in 1.

Confectionery, 1983

Penn State 27, Georgia 23

Kurt Warner scored two touchdowns, Nick Gunsitano scored two goals from the game, and Todd Blacklage’s 47-yard TD pass to Greg Garritt secured a winning advantage to lead the Nittany Lions to victory.

Penn State (11-1) gave the first national title. Entering the game, Penn State took 2nd place in the rankings, and Georgia – 1st.

Warner ran 117 yards on 18 transfers. Blackledge (13-23-0), who threw for 228 yards, was recognized as the game’s MVP. Gariti caught four passes for a total of 116 yards.

Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker ran 103 yards on 28 transfers and one TD.

Here are the highlights from the game. The Blackledge to Garrity TD pass is at 30:20 on video.

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