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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – We’ve shown you a few air pressure experiments, and we want to show you how to conduct an air pressure experiment that looks like magic.


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Our atmosphere always pushes us in all directions. Containers that seem empty are filled with air. Even if you turn this container upside down, it is full of air. Even if the tank is full of something else, such as water, the air still pushes it.

Also, it can be messy, so make sure you do this experiment in a place where you can get wet.

Physics creates magic when we conduct our experiment. To do this, we need a playing card and a small glass of water with a hole smaller than the playing card.

Put the playing card on the glass.


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Holding the playing card in a glass of water, quickly turn it upside down.


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And now release the card!

So how does this map stay in place and why doesn’t the water spill out?


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This is magic, or physics. As the crumb of air in the tank is quickly expelled from the tank by the water, there is no air in it.

The air is trying to fill the empty space that formed when the glass was turned upside down, and this air presses the playing card against the glass, holding the card in place and not allowing water to spill.


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Now, what happens when you put the card away?

This is exactly what you think: it will allow air to penetrate and water to spill out.


(Photo credit: KDKA)

So there is a small science disguised as magic.


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