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LAGOSKA – Holy ‘Que Smokehouse, BYOB of Bucks County, where authentic Texas-style kebabs are served, has officially restored many traditional, mouth-watering kebabs made by pitcher founder and master Tom Peters after the pandemic, including brisket, pork sandwich, pork and sandwich. the other.

Due to the fact that May is the National Month of Barbecue, the popular diner offers free meals (think mac ‘n’ cheese, cider cheese, honey cornbread, etc.) with the purchase of any plate – available for dinner and takeaway, all month.

Holy ’Que Smokehouse, owned and operated by Pitmaster Tom Peters, has been a hit with locals and visitors to nearby Peddler’s Village since opening in November 2020. Peters is a self-taught Pitmeister who has been perfecting the art of Texas-style kebabs for six years. a trip to Austin, Texas, where he was inspired by the craft and impressed by the simplicity of this special cuisine, which includes three elements: salt, pepper and smoke. Peters ’menu is heavily influenced by traditional barbecues – smoked meats, classic side dishes and decadent sweet treats commonly found in the southern states.

Highlights from the robust menu include meat served in pounds, such as pork ribs (half / full ribs), brisket, brisket, pork and turkey, many sandwiches, including the Holy Grail, cooked with brisket, pork and turkey. links, a reef on “Sloppy Joe,” which includes a shredded brisket called Texas Joe, and a crowd-pleasing brisket cheesecake that uses sliced ​​brisket, fried onions, and a mix of homemade spicy cooper and cheddar cheese. All the sandwiches are served on Martin’s whipped rolls and a generous serving of pickled red onions.

Holy ‘Que Smokehouse Meat Plate (Photo by Christopher Devern)

Large plates include (but are not limited to) the Holy Trinity, made from brisket, brethren and spare ribs on one side, Pitmaster’s Choice, a choice of four meats per pound each and three sides selected by Peters, and Lone Star which consists of three varieties of meat (half a pound each) and four sides.

“Barbecue is one of my biggest hobbies, and only for the reason that it’s all about the community,” said Tom Peters, pit master and founder of Holy ’Que Smokehouse. “It’s the only food that unites people that we’ve seen in the depths of the pandemic and after.”

As a way to bring back to society and simultaneously celebrate National Barbecue Month, Peters and his team are proving that they are buying any meat plate during May. An impressive line of side orders includes Pinto Beans, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Apple Slough, Corn with Cream, Green Beans and Honey Corn Bread. In addition, Holy ‘Que Smokehouse boasts decadent homemade desserts including cast iron cookies and banana pudding – perfect for completing such a hearty, delicious meal. Imbibers can BYOB or choose soft drinks including Sweet Tea, Big Red, Boylans Black Cherry, etc. to combine them with food.

Opening hours are Thursday to Saturday from 12 to 18 hours, Sunday from 12 to 16 hours. However, the smokehouse is often sold out early, so kebab lovers are advised to come early in the day to provide themselves with food. Pre-order and online takeaway food is available through the Toast tab.

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