“Home Hunters” followed the search for a couple in Lancaster County; What house did they choose? | Home and garden

“Hunters of the House” came to Lancaster County in an episode that aired on HGTV on Wednesday night.

Blair Soul wanted a two-story house with character and not many DIY projects. Her budget was $ 300,000.

Brady Willis wanted a one-story house in a quiet area in the Litz area. He is not against several home projects. Its budget was $ 375,000.

(This story contains details about finding a couple at home. Read about hunting. You’ll see another warning before finding out which one they’ve chosen.)

Willis and Soul are nurses in the intensive care unit at Lancaster General Hospital. Andrew Bartlett, a realtor with Keller Williams Elite, showed them several homes, three of which fell into this episode.

The first house the couple saw (pictured in the screenshot) was in Hampfield.

The first home was a colonial-style house in Hampfield. The 2,700-square-foot home had four bedrooms, two full and two half-bathrooms and cost $ 399,900.

They enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the closeness to the Soul’s parents and the Lancaster Hospital where they work. They also liked the parquet floors and bar in the basement.

They didn’t like the carpet in the living room and they said the master bedroom bathroom was small and disappointing.

Home hunters

The second house the couple saw (pictured) was in New Holland.

The second house was in New Holland. The 2,800-square-foot home had five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and cost $ 299,900.

Bartlett called this house a seven-story house because of its seven levels. The couple liked the office next to the dining room, but did not like the small yard. The bathroom with pink tiles was too retro.

Home hunters

The third house they saw (pictured in this screenshot) was in the Litice area.

The third house in Litica was close to Willis’ parents. The 2,000-square-foot two-story house had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a cost of $ 265,000.

The couple loved the large yard and deck. Inside the downsides have increased: old carpets, shared laundry-bath and lack of space in the kitchen.

Willis wanted home projects, but that might be too much.

Don’t read the photos below if you haven’t watched the show and want to be surprised.

Each house had its merits.

After all, the first house was too expensive.

The second house had plenty of space for the price, but it was too old for their taste and long roads to work.

There were many projects in the third house, but not many. The couple has already started working with the contractor on the first repair.

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