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“Home Hunters” covered the search for the home of another couple in Lancaster County.

In April, HGTV aired two episodes with local real estate. The latest episode of “Style vs. Table in Pennsylvania” is 10 episodes of season 214.

The episode tells the story of Eva Harbison-Rikuti and Josh Gavin, young people from the Philadelphia area who moved to Lancaster a few months before finding a home.

Harbison-Ricciutti’s interior designer for a home construction company. She wanted to have an old house with character, hardwood floors and a large kitchen with green cabinets. She preferred the proximity to the city center. Her budget was $ 400,000.

Gavin wanted a modern house that was unobtrusive and had a parking space. His budget was $ 300,000.

They worked with John Stauffer, a real estate agent at Re / Max Pinnacle, Lancaster.

(This story contains details about finding a couple at home. Read more about hunting. You’ll see another warning before finding out which house they chose.)

The first house was built in 1890 near Lancaster Hospital. (screenshot)

The first house was built in 1890 near Lancaster Hospital. The 1946-square-foot home has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and cost $ 359,900.

Harbison-Ricciutti liked the green paint, the hardwood floors and the new kitchen. In the main room she was not a fan of a pair of barn doors, but loved the bathroom with vintage-style tiles and a bathtub on paws.

Gaven was not happy that the L-shaped desk did not fit in the home office. He also didn’t like the lack of parking on the street or the fact that the house was on most of their budget.

Home hunters

In the same district there was a second house, built in 1910. (screenshot)

In the same district there was a second house, built in 1910. The 2,300-square-foot home (including the finished basement) has three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and cost $ 274,900.

This newly renovated house had some original features such as a transom. However, Harbison-Ricciutti did not like the new flooring.

The new kitchen wasn’t too much, but the pair was divided on the rear tile mirror details.

The backyard is dominated by a parking space that Gavin liked, but Harbison-Rikuti said she prefers a place for fun.

“The house has everything we need,” he says.

“It’s great for the two of us and our cats, but not for anyone else,” she says.

Home hunters

The third house was in Chestnut Mountain (screenshot).

The third house was built in 1868. The 2,300-square-foot home in the Chestnut Hill area has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and costs $ 375,000.

The renovated house had the modern features that Gavin wanted while retaining the character that Harbison-Rikuti wanted.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are large and the yard is small enough to require no maintenance.

However, the price is at the top of their budget, Gaven noted.

Did they choose a designer house, a house at the best price or the most expensive option?

(Stop now if you haven’t watched the show and want to be surprised.)

They chose house №3, paying the asking price of $ 375,000.

“It was a good combination between Eve’s desire to have an old, old house, but also something more modern,” says Gavin. “It’s definitely the closest house to downtown.”

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