How cheap to travel from Pittsburgh to Prague

(HOODLINE) – Last year, the Czech Republic celebrated its 100th anniversary, and Prague, the country’s capital, was named one of the best destinations in 2018 by the New York Times.

Cut in half by the Vltava River, the City of Hundreds of Spiers is famous for its Old Town Square, picturesque Baroque buildings, Gothic churches and medieval astronomical clocks featuring an hour-long animated show. Apart from the stunning architecture, there are also enough local drinks and delicious dishes to soothe any traveler.

Fortunately, there are many regular, relatively inexpensive flights between Pittsburgh and Prague. We pulled out of the travel site Skyscanner to give you a short list of flights and hotels selected to suit fashion adventurers. (Prices and availability are current at the time of publication and are subject to change.)

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Prices for flights to Prague

Currently the cheapest flights between Pittsburgh and Prague if you leave on September 2 and return from the Czech Republic on September 9. Condor now has tickets for $ 550, round trip.

There are deals in November. If you depart from Pittsburgh on November 10 and return from Prague on November 18, Finnair can take you back and forth for $ 670 round trip.

The best hotels in Prague

To plan your accommodation, here are some of Prague’s top rated hotels, according to Skyscanner, which we chose based on price, proximity to classes and customer satisfaction.

Mosaic House (Committee 4)

If you are looking for a top recommendation, think about it Mosaic house. The hotel has a 4.9 star rating on Skyscanner, and rooms are currently available for $ 110.

“The rooms are bright and modern, and I liked the fashionable decor,” – wrote the visitor Peter.

Hostel Safi (Melunava 2)


There is also a rating of 4.8 stars Sophie Hostel. Rooms currently cost $ 16 per night.

This hostel is located in Prague, as well as attractions of the Czech National Museum, Czech Technical University and Wenceslas Square. Additional attractions include the Prague National Theater.

Hotel Louren (Slezska 55 Slezska 832/55)

The third option Hotel Louren. With a five star rating on Skyscanner the hotel is one of the most luxurious in the city. Rooms currently cost $ 92 per night.

Recommended Prague dishes and drinks

If you want to have a snack at one of Prague’s many quality eateries, here are some popular culinary places from Skyscanner’s list to help you get full.

Cocoa (V Celnici 1031/4 At Namesti Republiky)


If you are looking for a local favorite, head to Cocoawhich has an average of five stars from 14 reviews on Skyscanner.

“This is a wonderful cafe in the central part of Prague with a breathtaking view of the Republic Square,” – wrote the visitor Joseph.

Villa Richter (Stare Zamecke Schody)


Another popular place to eat is Villa Richterwith 4.9 stars out of eight reviews.

“The atmosphere of this renovated villa, located among the vineyards on a hill near Prague Castle, is truly charming,” writes reviewer Claire.

Nase Maso (Dlouha 39)


It should also be considered Nase Maso. It counts five stars out of five reviews.

“Nase Maso (Our Meat) is a slaughterhouse that uses only the best quality meat,” Peter writes.

U Medvídků (Na Perštýně, 345/7)


Finally, there is U Medvídkůwith 4.8 stars out of eight reviews.

“Great price and real Czech cuisine!” wrote Marie.

Local attractions are presented

To complete your trip, Prague offers many popular attractions that are worth visiting. Here are some top tips based on Skyscanner descriptions and reviews.

Charles Bridge (Charles Bridge)


First of all Charles Bridge. It has 4.7 stars out of 238 reviews.

Charles Bridge, connecting the Lesser Town with the Old Town, is the best place to explore Prague Castle. Thousands of people cross this cobbled bridge every year.

Prague Castle (Prague 11908)


The Prague Castle another popular place. It has 4.7 stars out of 184 reviews.

Perhaps the most beautiful spectacle east of Paris, Prague Castle, was the original seat of power in Bohemia, home of the Czech royal family. The former royal complex is actually a series of castles with a cathedral and several gardens and squares in the center.

Old Town Square (Staroměstské nám.)


Finally, think about checking Old Town Square. It has 4.6 stars out of 206 reviews.

The Old Town Square, named after its location in the Old Town district of Prague, is the oldest and most populated square in this historic city.

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