Everyone felt this feeling of regret – awkward interaction, bad decision, personal failure. And yet, we are often told to go further, that looking back on our past mistakes or missed opportunities is detrimental to health. Author DANIL PINK disagree. He claims in his new book, The power of regret: how looking back moves us forwardthat regret is an essential and unique aspect of human life, and focusing on it can lead to personal growth, better choices and relationships, and a happier life. Pink joins us to talk about the science and psychology of regret, about what his World Survey of Regret 17,000 people showed, and how to best use the frustrations of life.

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BBC, How to live with your regret “It also underscores the kind of regret that bites the hardest – and offers many ways for us to come to terms with our own frustrations and mistakes.”

Business Insider, Create a bad resume to feel more satisfied with your career, says the author, who explores regrets “In general, more people regret not being at risk and reinsuring themselves compared to those who took the risk,” Pink said.

GQ, How to use your regrets to your advantage – “I like the circles of regret. You gather five or six people and go around, everyone is talking about their regrets. “

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