HS Baseball: Wyoming’s Second Sown Area Survived Fear of Hanover Area in D2 Quarters

The second sown area of ​​Wyoming on Tuesday experienced fear of the seventh sown area of ​​Hanover.

The Warriors teamed up, finishing five with a sixth-place finish to beat Hanover 6-4 in the quarter-finals of Class 4A Baseball.

Wyoming Square (19-3) will host Honsdale (9-11) at 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the semifinals.

The Hanover area (5-14) had just two hits – singles from Zack Murphy and Tim Seriani – but led 4-1, pursuing the bottom of the sixth.

Nate Novakowski and Casey Noon had two RBIs each for the Wyoming area. Evan Melberger and Jake Keleher also had an RBI. Melberger threw the first four innings before losing to Loval, who was relieved to win. The duo combined 11 outs.

This season, Wyoming has twice beaten Hanover 13-2 and 14-2.

Honsdale 2, Berwick 1

The Hornets defeated Berwick in the quarterfinals of the D2-4A.

Max Mikel and Dallas Gombit had an RBI for Honsdale, who finished with six hits.

Berwick (5-15) finished with three hits – singles by Colton Reinhimer, Ethan Deeppy and Keanu Lopez. Jeff Taylor played the full game and allowed one earned run.

Wilkes-Barre 9, Scranton 6

The Wolf Stack broke a 13-game losing streak and continued its season by winning the D2 / 4-6A quarterfinals at Scranton.

The WBA (3-17) will play in the semifinals on Thursday at 4.30pm in Hazelton Rio (18-1), which will play with the best seed.

Jimmy Kenzakoski and Sawyer Korets had two RBIs per WBA. Ryan Nowakowski made five innings, scoring eight to win. John Michalczyk hit the last two innings for a save.

Wyoming Zone 6, Hanover Zone 4


Klein 3b`3`0`0`1

Smith rf`3`0`0`0

Murphy ss`3`1`1`0

Martinez n`4`0`0`0

Hamer 1b`4`0`0`0

Richards c`1`0`0`0

Vigorito p`2`1`0`0

А.Шыль 2b`1`0`0`0

Series lf`2`0`1`1

Rivas kr`0`2`0`0


Area AB`R`H`BI

Matisse ss`4`1`1`0

Melberger p-cf`4`0`1`1

Kelleher c`3`0`1`1

Hood 1b`2`1`1`0

Lawall 3b-p`3`1`2`0

Morgan cf-rf`1`1`1`0

Novakovsky rf`3`1`1`2



C.Noone 2b`3`1`1`2


Hanover Oblast`012`001`0 – 4

Wyoming area`100`005`x – 6

2B – Hood, Mathis, Keleher.


Martinez L`5`8`6`6`3`5




Lawall W`3`2`1`1`1`6

Wilkes-Barre Zone 9, Scranton 6


Mikhalchyk rf`3`1`1`1

Prepare 1b`4`1`2`1

Jo.Bottger ss`4`0`0`0

Novakovsky p`3`3`2`0

Fernandez rf`0`0`0`0

Korets lf`4`2`2`2

Kenzakoski 3b`4`1`2`2

Pampus c`3`1`0`0

Jones 2b`3`0`0`0

Seven cf`3`0`1`0



Forest 3b`4`2`3`1

Yevitz ss`0`0`0`0

McIntyre dh`4`0`1`0

Damozych cf`2`1`1`0

Site p`3`1`0`0

Bernavage p`0`0`0`0

Oryts 1b`2`0`0`0

Burke ph`2`0`2`2

Jacqueline lf`4`0`1`1

D. Labukas rf`3`1`0`0

Leanor 2b`4`0`0`0

S. Labukas c`3`1`1`1


WBA`023`001`3 – 9

Scranton`000`030`3 – 6

2B – Fox, Burke, Michalczyk, Korets.


Novakowski W`5`5`3`3`2`8

Mikhalchyk S`2`4`3`3`2`3


Site L`6.1`9`8`6`2`7


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