HS Softball: Lake Lehmann wins rematch with Buyer after winning D2 quarterfinals

LEHMAN TWP. – Except for the top of the first Tuesday, everything went as planned for the Lake-Lehman softball team.

The blow was. So was the defense. That was the 8-2 victory over Western Wayne in the quarterfinals of the 2nd class 3A of the district, which was the third meeting with the Holy Redeemer.

On Thursday at 16:30 at 16:30 Lehman, seeded under number three (12-6), leaves for second seed Redeemer (11-4).

“We just started talking about this game. We just play it one game at a time, ”said Lehman coach Nicole Chipega. “From now on, we will begin to work for the Holy Redeemer. We kept it close in the last game, so I’m pretty sure. The girls are ready. “

Redimer won both regular season games 4-1 and 3-2. In the last four innings of the first meeting, the Black Knights stopped eight participants, including six in goal positions.

“It’s going to be a tough game,” said Lehman freshman Kirsten Finarelli, “but I think we’re ready. The third time is a charm. “

Western Wayne (10-10) jumped to the lead with a score of 2-0 at the top of the first unique way. Emily Romanowski opened the game with a single from the left. Later, Kennedy Mistishin plucked the ground at the third baseline.

When Hailey Klein’s third baseman tried to cut him off, the ball hit either her foot or the base – perhaps both because it all happened in a split second – and ricocheted out of the game. There is no fence in this part of the field, and from the foul line to off-site is about 10 feet.

A happy rebound for Western Wayne gave each runner an extra base, and they scored a double by Tommy Wiscoin.

The 2-0 advantage did not last long as Lehmann scored five times at the bottom of the half. Christa Skoblik opened the rally with a trio and scored on the ground. Then Finarelli followed, Gillian Olozas singled one out, and Sarah Smith hit the RBI single to equalize. The mistake led to a third run, and Riley Bucknewe put the last two singles to the right.

Lehmann took another run in the fourth due to a throwing error, and the ball again left the field at almost the same spot that set up Western Wayne’s run. Finorelli’s double result in the fifth became the fifth with two series where the result was scored on the ground and by mistake.

Western Wayne’s only solid threat after the first half came in the fifth, when the Wildcats loaded the base with one exit. Finarelli, however, has come up with a couple of great defensive games from his short stop position.

Finarelli, who turned from catching, swung the ground into a hole and threw out the houses for a power out. She then raced on the weakest ground and spilled over to Klein in third place in the final half.

“I had Kirsten as a player when she was 8, and Kirsten always caught me,” Chipega said. “So it’s training a new position for her, just keep her in the middle field. She is strong there. She is reliable. We can count on her to make a play and keep the girls passionate. ”

Adams from PA throws without strikers

Jana Adams threw unharmed and also went into the homer when Pittston Area defeated Crestwood in the D2 / 4-5A quarterfinal game.

Pitston Orion, who is seeded third (18-0), will play in the semifinals at 16:30 on Thursday at 16:30. Abington Heights defeated the Shikels 5-0 in their quarterfinal game.

Adams crossed out 14 and passed three. She was 2-on-3 on a plate with two RBIs and also adding a double. Tory Couple was 2-on-2 with Homer and two RBIs.

MMI Prep, WVW eliminated

MMI Prep and Wyoming Valley West failed in their quarterfinal games after the seasons.

MMI lost to Blue Ridge 10-6 in the D2-A playoffs. Valley West lost to West Scranton in first place, 12-2 in D2 / 4-5A.

Lake-Lehman 8, Western Wayne 2


E. Romanovsky ss`4`1`3`0

K. Romanowski p`3`0`1`0

Mystishyn 1b`4`1`1`0

Vizcaino c`3`0`1`2

Daniels 2b`3`0`0`0

Szekler lf`3`0`1`0

Carroll cf`3`0`0`0

Maiocco rf`3`0`0`0

Griffin 3b`3`0`1`0



Staple lf`3`1`1`0

Beyer p`4`0`0`1

Finarelli ss`3`2`2`0

Uloza c`3`2`1`0

Smith 1b`4`1`1`2

Hudak cf`3`1`0`0

Honeywell 1b`3`0`0`0

Bucknavage rf`3`0`1`2

Klein 3b`3`1`0`0


Western Wayne`200`000`0 – 2

Lake-Lehman`500`120`x – 8

2B – Viscano, Griffin, Finarelli. 3B – Skoblik.

Western Wayne`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

K. Romanowski L`7`6`8`5`1`4


Beyer W`7`6`2`2`1`1

Pittston Area 6, Crestwood 0


Grandma ss`3`0`0`0

Aton c`2`0`0`0

Button n`1`0`0`0

Butler 3b`3`0`0`0

Pollock lf`3`0`0`0

Kalinowski 2b`3`0`0`0

Change RF `2`0`0`0

Vishnevsky 1b`2`0`0`0

Lower cf`2`0`0`0


Pittston Area`AB`R`H`BI

Stand rf`3`0`0`0

Vaidlich cf`4`1`1`1

Pair ss`2`2`2`2

Giardino 2b`2`0`0`0

Callahan c`3`0`1`0

Antal dp`3`0`2`1

Bortvik 3b`2`1`0`0

Mikhalka lf`3`0`0`0

Adams n`3`2`2`2


Crestwood`000`000`0 – 0

Pittston Area`003`111`x – 6

2B – Adams. HR – Couple, Adams.


Coptic L`6`8`6`5`1`4

Pittston Area`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Adams W`7`0`0`0`3`14

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