Hugh Dancy admits to Downton Abbey: the “New Era” set seemed “surreal”. Movies

Hugh Dancy admits that getting on the set of “Downton Abbey: New Era” was “surreal.”

The 46-year-old actor – who plays fictional filmmaker Jack Barber in a sequel to the big screen – insisted that while he didn’t feel weird joining the long-term cast, the situation was generally “surreal” for everyone.

Talking to GuysUGuys.comhe said, “It was great! It wasn’t surreal – I know what you mean.

“It was a little surreal, as it was for everyone, because it was done as a slap in the middle of COVID, and we were all really in complete closure, and suddenly we all found ourselves together in a room with people.

“Some of them I knew before, some I didn’t know. I guess the question was, ‘Will they be good to me?’ It was easy!”

Dancy also praised the atmosphere on the set and noted that he could immediately say that it was a happy band that was transferred “from the top”.

He added: “I was thrilled, I was very happy to be in the role. You don’t know yet – it’s funny, I think with something like that the tone is set right from the top and you could tell once you came in, everyone had a good time. “

The actor “Hannibal” was asked about possible initiations for beginners on the set, and Michelle Dockery, who played Lady Mary Talbat from the period that was launched in the series ITV in 2010, joked that they came up with a musical assignment.

She ironically said, “We made him sing a tune for Downton Abbey, come up with his own words and write them down.”

Dancy teased, “And it’s in the movies!”


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