Hulahan is voting to protect the supply of semiconductor chips to the United States – Daily Local

U.S. MP Chrissy Hulahan, D-6th of Easttown, on Thursday issued the following statement following the passage of HR 7372, the Semiconductor Supply Chain Materials Protection Act, from authoritarians, which received support from most members on both sides of the aisle:

“Too often fights between members of Congress get in the headlines, while bipartisan progress on important issues is ignored,” Hulahan said. “While our country is struggling with a chip shortage, I was not surprised to see that this bill was passed with overwhelming support from the two parties. Our supply chain problems will not be solved overnight, but it is another important step in the right direction that allows our producers to reduce costs and fight inflation. ”

HR 7372, the Law on the Protection of Semiconductor Supply Chain Materials from Authoritarian Laws, was one of 29 bills debated and passed in the House of Representatives this week with overwhelming bipartisan support. This bill will force federal agencies to work together to assess the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the availability of semiconductor chips and eliminate any risks in the supply chain. Now he is going to the Senate.

Semiconductors are the most important components of the things we use every day, including cell phones, many home appliances and cars. About half of the world’s supplies of semiconductor neon, a key ingredient in chip production, are supplied by companies based in Ukraine.

Hulahan recently returned from a bipartisan congressional delegation to key US and partner allies, Australia and India, to engage in high-level engagement with defense and foreign policy representatives on national security issues in the Indo-Pacific region, including chain independence. Of China. She was joined by House Chairman of the House of Representatives Adam Smith (Washington) and his colleague Austin Scott (Georgia).

“Such (these) partnerships will help the region’s democracies offer a compelling alternative to Xi Jinping’s model of authoritarianism both at home and around the world,” said Chairman Smith. “China’s deep relations with Russia, a country whose leader Vladimir Putin has earned worldwide contempt for its illegal invasion of Ukraine, further demonstrate Beijing’s willingness to challenge international rules and norms designed to promote peace and prosperity for all. “Countries around the world deserve better choices than what Xi and Putin have to offer – and the United States, Australia, India, and our allies and partners can provide a safer, freer and more prosperous path.”

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