“Hunters at Home” covers Lancaster County’s second search for a home Home and garden

In the 213th season of “Hunters at Home” appeared two pairs of Lancaster County.

One house search on Wednesday on HGTV. Another one started the season.

Episode 1 follows Brock and Emily Lasko, a young couple looking for a new home before Emily has a baby. She was looking for a new two-story house with high ceilings and a fireplace. Her budget was $ 350,000.

Brock wanted a one-story house with character. He is not against several home projects, but preferred a budget of $ 300,000.

(This story contains details about finding a couple at home. Read more about hunting. You’ll see another warning before finding out which house they chose.)

At the time of the fall shooting, Brock (hydraulics) was 22 and Emily (in digital marketing) was 24. They managed to save more than $ 70,000 for their first home. Ian Hay, real estate agent at RE / MAX Pinnacle, Lancaster, showed them three homes across Lancaster County.

The first house the couple saw (pictured in this screenshot) was two-story, but without a garage.

The first house was built in 1948 and is two-story. The 2,076-square-foot home has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and cost $ 280,000.

Brock liked parquet floors, Emily didn’t. They both liked the deck, but Emily said she would like a fourth bedroom. There was no garage in the house either.

Home hunters

The second house the couple saw (pictured in this screenshot) needed work.

The second house was a rancher. The 1,712-square-foot home had four bedrooms, two bathrooms and cost $ 315,000.

The house has a fireplace, a garage and a covered patio, but Emily didn’t like the look. The kitchen in question needed a major overhaul, and the two bedrooms upstairs were only 8 feet high ceilings. Brock said he likes how they can make their home renovated.

Home hunters

The third house the couple saw (pictured in this screenshot) was new but the most expensive of their choices.

The third house was built in 2004. The 2,273-square-foot two-story home has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and costs $ 350,000.

Emily enjoyed the large, refurbished kitchen. Brock liked the swings set up in the backyard. However, the couple did not like that the two bedrooms are next to the road and noisy.

(Stop now if you haven’t watched the show and want to be surprised.)

Lasko chose the first house in the town of West Lampeter. They offered more than the price on the list, and bought the house for $ 307,000.

“I think this house is a really good combination of what we both wanted,” Brock said in the episode.

They were happy to settle long before their son was born.

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