“I am very disappointed”: problems at the polling station in the town of Ross cause frustration for some voters

GORED ROSS (KDKA) – While many people went to the polls on Tuesday morning, some were unable to vote.

Allegheny County spokeswoman Amy Downs said polling stations in Pittsburgh, West Deere, Monroeville and Tarentum had begun to be postponed.

The United Methodist Church of McKnight in Ross did not open to voters until 9:30 a.m., which was two and a half hours late.

Survey officials noted two reasons why they were unable to discover in time. Someone did not show up to unlock the door, and the election judge did not come for health reasons.

Downs said the election department was notified of the problem by 7 a.m. and was considering all options.

They even went to court demanding that the sheriff’s deputies enter the building when a man showed up to open it.

Voter Linda Watson twice went to church to vote and was unable to get inside.

“I threw away my ballot paper in the mail because my plan was to vote here in person,” Watson said. “I am very disappointed and very upset that not only is this, in fact, depriving me of the right to vote, but also giving many other people obstacles to banning them from voting.”

Watson said she also called the election bureau, but could not contact anyone.

Downs said on election day they are adding extra staff, but the volume of calls still exceeds capacity.

She also mentioned that they had several recalls because of COVID-19, but they were able to send other workers for help.

Downs said late discoveries and medical problems happen every election.

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