Kanye West claims that he has been “broken to the core” in recent weeks.

The 45-year-old rap star recently lost lucrative contracts with companies including Balenciaga, Adidas and Gap after he posted an anti-Semitic message on social media, and Kanye has now taken to Instagram to complain about his situation and the perceived lack of transparency in business world.

The outspoken star said on the photo-sharing platform: ‘Although I’m still entitled to Mark Zuckerburg’s platform

“I’ll say it again

“Let’s look at the contracts

“The contract for the film

“Sports contracts

“Music contracts


“Let’s look at the contracts

“So we can, and even better, will do better business

“I was beaten to the bone, and there is still no accountability. (yes)”

Kanye also captioned the message: ‘Unknown forces’ trying to destroy my life via tweet. Does this prove that my so-called suspicion was true? Hosted with love, this is a #lovespeech (sic)”

Kanye made the comment shortly after his Twitter account was reinstated on the platform.

The “Stronger” hitmaker was recently suspended from the platform after he posted an anti-Semitic tweet, but new Twitter owner Elon Musk has confirmed that Kanye’s account has now been reinstated.

The 51-year-old businessman, who recently acquired Twitter in a $44 billion deal, wrote on the microblogging platform: “Twitter will form a content moderation board with a wide variety of viewpoints.

“No major decisions on content or account recovery will be made until this board meets. (sic)”

In response, an account called “Republicans Against Trumpism” asked the new Twitter boss: “So why did you reinstate Kanye West’s account already? Twitter should not be a platform to spew racism and antisemitism (sic).”

Elon, who is a friend of the controversial rap star, explained: “Ye’s account was reinstated by Twitter before the acquisition. They did not consult me ​​or inform me. (yes)”