Kelly Osbourne will never “eat the same” again after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

The 37-year-old star was recently diagnosed with the condition – which develops during pregnancy and usually goes away after giving birth – and Kelly admits it has made her rethink her diet.

Kelly, who is expecting her first child with Sid Wilson, told Entertainment Tonight: “I had terrible, terrible, terrible heartburn, acid reflux, my legs were swelling and I was gaining weight fast and I was like, ‘I don’t understand this. , I’m not eating enough to make it up, what’s going on?’

“So I went to the doctor and I had already taken the test and passed it, but then when I got to the third trimester, they tested me again and it turned out I had gestational diabetes, and the whole time, I just sat there and thinking, “What did I do wrong? What am I eating so bad?” Because I thought I was eating relatively healthy food.

“It turns out I wasn’t, but that’s not what I did. You either get it or you don’t, and I think that has more to do with being 37 than any amount of sugar I’ve been eating.

“But now that I know what I know about sugar, I don’t think I’ll ever eat the same thing again.”

Kelly previously revealed that she believed herself to be the cause of her health problems.

The TV star, whose symptoms include weight gain and fatigue, said: “At first I thought it was something I did. I wasn’t diagnosed until my third trimester so it’s not like I developed it some people get it from the start beginning when they are pregnant.

“I got it in my third trimester and basically thought it was something I did wrong.”

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