With 800 million players worldwide, chess has never been more popular. New technology platforms have introduced the game of kings to a whole new generation and cemented its place in pop culture, from Netflix’s Farze Gambit to the rise of chess influencers on streaming platforms.

Sign in Immortal game. The Paris-based platform aims to improve the gaming experience for online chess players worldwide, who currently play more than 20 million games daily, using web3 and next-generation digital assets.

Founded in 2021 Thomas Zepfel, David Chingala and Geoffroy Mestral, Immortal Game was created in collaboration with and for the dedicated blockchain chess community. The company is now launching a web3 chess platform and marketplace and has raised $12 million in a Series A round for it.

The gaming startup will use the funding to accelerate the growth of its product and expand into key markets including the US, Europe and India.

Led by Crypto TCGthe round includes several other leading tech and entertainment venture capital professionals such as Cassius, Greenfield alone, Sparkle Ventures (backed by Sandbox founders and Animoca Brands) Kevin Durant and Rich Clayman 35V, Block wall, Kraken Venturesand The capital of spices.

Players can participate in live games, league tournaments and a robust set of training tools and products. 50 grandmasters who act as Immortal Game ambassadors will also be involved and will be regularly available on the platform. Players also have the opportunity to monetize their time, game participation and skill development through a play-and-earn platform, an NFT with chess utilities and distinctive play styles, and a marketplace with live auctions and instant buy.

The company raised $3.5 million in seed funding earlier this year. Immortal Game has also partnered with Immutable X, a layer 2 gaming protocol, to bring their game to the public Ethereum blockchain.

Thomas Zepfel, CEO of Immortal Game, said: “The tipping point in the adoption of blockchain technology for consumer gaming has been reached. Chess is a centuries-old game that takes advantage of this technology, preserving its heritage while attracting a new group of players. We’re excited to have the support of 50 grandmasters as we continue to expand this incredible game.”


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