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Garrison Daguerre and Conner Ghizi combined in a three-goal streak in Indiana’s 5-0 win over Barrel with WPIAL Section 1-AAAA.

Dougherty conceded all three strokes in six innings. He crossed out five and walked three.

Gizi made the final inning with nine innings and resigned Barrelo.

Indiana opened the scoring in the first inning when Ben Ryan donated.

The Indians twice hit in the fifth in the RBI singles by Ryan and Lincoln Trusal.

Indiana had two races in the seventh on Branden Yaniti’s two-morning single.

Zach Tartarella was the only player with two strikes in Indiana.

Today in the second game of the series Indiana (8-6, 5-4) hosts Barrel.

MARION CENTER 16, CAMBRIA HEIGHTS 3: Marion Center won its 10th game in a row to remain undefeated, playing by the rules of mercy over Cambria Heights in a Heritage Conference match.

The Stingers hit the ball early, making six runs in the first and five in the second before adding five in the fourth to enforce the rule of mercy.

Seven of Marion Center’s 12 hits went to additional bases. Dakota Bracken, Skyler Ollp and Nick Paconi performed doubles. Rayen played five RBI with two home runs and two, and Landin Bennett inflicted three RBI on two hits, including a home run.

Both teams will play on Wednesday. Marion Center (10-0) welcomes Homer-Center, and Cambria Heights (0-9) visits Purchase Line for the doubleheader.

HAMMER CENTER 5, WESTERN SHAMOKIN 2: Homer-Center took the lead early, and Caleb Palmer and Michael Krejcic teamed up on the mound to keep West Shamokin in check at the Heritage Conference game.

The Wildcats scored four wounds in the first inning in singles from Mason Bell and Anthony Rowland and Kreichich’s double.

Homer Center made the score 5-0 in third place in RBI Andrew Raddak.

Palmer threw five innings before reaching his count. He allowed two runs on two hits, knocked out six and passed four.

Krejcic took over from there and scored two in two zero and unsuccessful innings.

“Caleb didn’t have the best, but he worked alone,” said Homer-Center coach Scott Bauer. “Then Michael came in and his crooked ball was really crunchy.”

Rowland and John Aaron made two hits each for Homer-Center. Kreichich had two IRBs.

“Bell had a big hit that really opened the scoring, and Jonah Aaron had a few punches, and that was a lot,” Bower said.

Peyton Harter and Gunnar Shupp had the only hits for West Shamokin.

Nick Buffon was an unlucky loser. He allowed five runs on eight strokes and identified six without a walk in a distance of 80 squares.

The Homer Center (5-6) plays at the Marion Center on Wednesday. On Wednesday, “West Shamokin” (6-7) hosts “United”.

NORTHERN CAMBRIA 15, LINE 1: After falling to Marion Center on Friday, Northern Cumbria came out with a Mercy victory over Purchase Line in the Heritage Conference game.

It was a 2-1 game in favor of the Colts through four innings, but Northern Cumbria flashed bits with a fifth inning of 13 runs to ensure compliance with the rule of mercy.

Owen Boger stole two bases and failed the cycle. He counted two IRBs on a single, a double and a triple. Brad Valeria also beat in two races with two of his two doubles, while Evan Veviora made three RBI on three singles.

The procurement line was conducted to three singles. The Red Dragons series took place in the third inning when Austin Chambers stole home.

Kudlovets refused one blow and earned the victory.

Both teams will play on Wednesday. Northern Cambria (8-2) hosts Penns Manor, and Purchase Line (2-8) visits Cambria Heights.

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