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Indiana County officials are entering a tense precinct that concludes Tuesday’s primary election.

On Friday, the Board of Trustees, which served as the Indiana County Election Commission, conducted a test run of the ES&S DS100 Precinct spreadsheet and the Central County DS450 spreadsheet.

Some deadlines for registering to vote and receiving ballots for correspondence or mail have expired.

If you are registered and have one of these ballots, ballots must be received no later than 8pm on May 17 when polling stations close after 1pm on a Tuesday.

“Ballots can be returned to the voter registration office through the U.S. Postal Service or left in person at the courthouse,” said County Governor Robin Mariai. “The ballot box is available in the lobby (courts) from 8 am to 4 pm on Mondays, then on Tuesday ballots will be accepted in the lobby of the court until 8 pm.

As for the ballot, it is mostly an election of a Democratic or Republican party, and in Pennsylvania there are no open primaries that allow representatives of other parties or any party to switch to one of the major parties.

The exception is the town of Armstrong, where a referendum is being held on the question: “Are you in favor of issuing licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages in the town of Armstrong, Indiana?”

This is the only non-partisan issue in the county on Tuesday.

Democrats have the following choices:

• For U.S. Senator, in the order of their appearance in the ballots, Alex Khalil, Conor Lamb, Malcolm Kenyatta and John Fetterman.

• For Governor Josh Shapiro, though you can write your choice.

• To the post of lieutenant governor, in the order of the lot cast in the State Department, Austin Davis, Ray Rose and Brian Sims.

• No one has run for Congress in the 14th constituency, which now covers most of the constituency.

• Also, no one submitted documents to Congress in the 15th District, which retained part of North Indiana County as a result of redistribution by court order earlier this year.

• For a representative in the General Assembly, two-thirds of the constituencies are in the 62nd Legislature, where Brian Doyle of Indiana has no opposition from the Democratic Party.

• The rest of Indiana County is part of the 66th Legislature, where no one has applied for nomination from the Democratic Party.

• For Indiana County Democratic State Committee member Ronald J. Fairman of White Township confronts Ann Ree of Indiana.

• No one has applied for either men’s or women’s seats on the Democratic Constituency Committee, which means that records can address these positions.

Addressing the Republican election:

• For U.S. Senator, in the order of their appearances in the ballots, Katie Barnett, Mehmet Oz, George Bacello, Jeff Barthas, Dave McCormick, Sean Gale and Carla Sands.

• The governor, again in the order of draw at the Pennsylvania Department of State, is Lou Barletta, Douglas W. Mastrian, Nche Zama, Dave White, Melissa Hart, Bill McSwain, Charlie Gerau, Joe Gale and Jake Corman.

Last week, two candidates announced they were suspending their campaign, but it was too late to remove Melissa Hart or Jake Corman from the ballot.

• For the lieutenant-governor, again in the order in which the names were drawn, Clarice Schillinger, James Earl Jones, Rick Sacone, John Brown, Chris Fry, Jeff Coleman, Russ Diamond, Carrie Lewis DelRasa and Teddy Daniels.

• For Congress Guy Reshantaller has no opposition from the Republican Party in the 14th constituency, which now covers most of the county.

• Glen Thompson has no opposition to a reputable party in the 15th constituency.

• For a representative in the General Assembly, two-thirds of the constituencies are in the 62nd Legislature, where Jim Struci of White Township has no Republican opposition.

• The rest of Indiana County is part of the 66th Legislature, where Brian Smith of Panxatoni will not run for Republican.

• For Indiana County Republican State Committee member James Zerfos and Jesse D. Daniel are looking for one male seat, while Patricia Streams-Warman doesn’t mind a female seat.

• There are entries for two places in the Republican District Committee.

The commissioners acting as election commissions will gather on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“One authorized representative from each candidate in the election and one representative from each political party will be allowed to remain in the room during the election campaign,” Maria said.

The Electoral Council will meet on Wednesday at 10 a.m. to review ballots in absentia and / or by mail scheduled for the primary election.

Then, on Thursday at 1 p.m., an election board will meet in the commissioners’ hearing room to examine the previous ballots of voters who voted on Tuesday.

The commissioners selected Mary, Debra Strems and Melissa Miller as the county’s official return commission. They will gather on Friday at 8.30 in the voter registration office at the court building to count and campaign the votes cast during the May 17 vote.

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