Inflation has a terrible effect on the elderly, the poor


Now is the time for an emergency review of monthly social security payments. Last year’s 2022 rate adjustment was calculated a few months before inflation began its historic rise. Currently, social security recipients have lost economic positions and actually have less money to spend on rising housing costs, heating fuel, gasoline, medicines, food and other necessities.

It is necessary to immediately increase the social insurance rate by 10% retrospectively by January 1 this year. This will mean a one-time catch-up check depending on the time Congress passes the necessary legislation.

This is a non-partisan issue. As by-elections are fast approaching, Democrats and Republicans cannot afford to campaign against the elderly and other people hoping for these federal benefits.

Doing the right thing for the public is always a win-win, and politicians should strive to add their name to the list of those willing to help those most in need.

I therefore urge everyone to reach out to them on this issue.

Donald Holzinger
Spring is sinking

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