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Photo: courtesy of East End Brewing

Every day Pilsner from East End Brewing

East End Brewing
street Julia, 147, Larimer. eastendbrewing.com

East End Brewing has added a new year-round beer to its lineup. Everyday Pilsner is a bright, crunchy beer with a “beer drive” that is now available in bottled and 12-ounce cans. Also on Thursday, April 7, they release Shadyside Imperial Brown Ale with Coffee according to their project You Are Here.

Cafe area
134 S. Highland Ave., East Liberty. square-cafe.com
The owners of Square Cafe have announced that they are returning to their former location in Regent Square with Square One, an extension of the East Liberty cafe space. Living in the place where My Goodness is now, the Square One concept is a style of takeaway and quick dinner. The location opened on April 1st.

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Photo: provided by Square

Drinks from Square Cafe

Necromancer Brewing
2257 Babcock Boulevard, North Hills. necromancer. beer

On Tuesday, April 5, Necromancer launches Happy Hour of Industry Diversity in collaboration with Trace Brewing. The monthly series will cover people of different backgrounds working in the beer industry, or those who want to break in, giving them a platform to socialize, drink and socialize. This month’s meeting will take place from 5pm to 8pm at Necromancer.

The Strip Terminal
2101 Smolman, Stryp county. mccaffery.inc/portfolio/terminal
McCaffery has announced that they will bring a food hall of Asian cuisine to the Strip District Terminal. The food hall with everything from Thai to Cantonese will become the center of Asian restaurants and dishes of 8,000 square feet.

Abeille Voyante Tea Co.
211 Grant Avenue, Millvale. tupelohoneyteas.com
Abeille Voyante Tea Co. announced its April menu. This menu, which contains a sandwich with bacon Tempeh, wrappers of chickpea salad with curry, broccoli and cheddar soup, peanut butter and strawberry chia jelly for the night, as well as a salad of penne pasta with arugula, this menu is rich in vegetables and perfect for spring. Enjoy al fresco dining with Mint Mate Matcha.

Scoops for sugar spells
N. Canal, 1014, Sharpsburg. sugarspellscoops.com

In honor of the most fruitful season in Pittsburgh, also known as the road-building season, Sugar Spell Scoops has released a new flavor: Fresh Oil and Chips. Sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies are mixed to create a gray “road” base for ice cream with dark chocolate “butter” sauce and “chip” cookies. The band is inspired by the short-term process of patching roads, not overhauling them. Like all Sugar Spell offerings, it is also vegan and gluten free.

White Whale Bookstore
4754 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield. whitewhalebookstore.com
Great news for white whale lovers: their cafe is now open! Well, technically it’s an open, grand opening to be held on Saturday, April 9th. With treats from Driftwood Oven, Pittsburgh Juice Company, Leona’s and Millie’s you can walk in from 8am to 3pm and have a hot coffee and a cool treat.

Ba Be’s Kitchen
Liberty Avenue, 951, downtown. baebaes.kitchen
This popular place for dinner acquires an alcohol license and will create a relaxing bar and lounge area for friends and business enthusiasts. Now they are looking for investors, so visit them Instagram page and learn how to register.

Saints Ravioli
3832 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville. instagram.com/saint.ravioli
Sun, April 24, beginning at 6 p.m. this handmade ravioli will serve a six-course dinner with wine pairs. Tickets for the event cost $ 70 per person, and the meal will take place at Talaric Square in Lawrenceville.

Fry Bar
410 9th St., McKeesport. instagram.com/frybarllc
On Friday, April 15, this is the new venue for sandwiches and french fries debuting at McKeesport. Try their gourmet fries, poppies and sandwiches during the grand opening.

Spring free shop
370 Lawn St., Auckland. chscorp.org
Steel City Food Not Bombs will hold its first annual Spring Free Store at CHS Food Pantry. The event, which will take place from 13.00 to 19.00 on April 30, will distribute to those in need, free food, as well as clothing, toiletries, hygiene products, toys, shoes, baby products, household items and more.

click to enlarge De Fer Coffee & Tea - CP PHOTO: JARED WICKERHAM

CP Photo: Jared Wickerham

De Fer Coffee & Tea

De Fer coffee and tea
2002 Smallman, Strip District. postpone.kava

In collaboration with Creatives Drink and the Hungry Jess blog Big City De Fer is launching a new Happy Hour Club with music and coffee. On Friday, April 8, from 6 to 9 pm, DJ Samuel Andres will provide music, and De Fer will serve coffee (or tea) for guests.

1534 Brighton Road, North Side. shadobeni412.com
This vegan Trinidadian vegan window now has a simple storefront and will be marked by a soft opening on Saturday, April 9, and Sunday, April 10, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will also make their opinion on Lent fried fish with a sandwich with oyster mushrooms on Friday, April 8th.

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