Instead of a break in the season Victor Aladzipo of the Heat lives in the moment; Kyle Lowry came out again on Tuesday – Reading Eagle

It could have been Victor Aladip’s break-up season, similar to the one that took Cavi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers, and the one that ended up in the case of Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets when they were recovering from injury.

That’s what Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said, so Aladip’s return, regardless of statistics, should be celebrated, as surgery on the quadriceps in May last year put him on an annual recovery schedule.

“I just admire Vic for his perseverance,” Spoelstra said, and Heath drew attention to Tuesday’s 5th game at 7pm with this best of seven series against the Atlanta Hawks, in which Heath led with a score of 3-1. “I’ve said it many times, a lot of players would just write off this season. This is a safer game.

“And especially when we’ve succeeded and there’s an unknown player, a veteran, a proven all-star match, sometimes you can just say,‘ You know what, I don’t see the possibility, I’m going to prevent that and just try to work on my health ’ . “

For Spoelstro, it’s more than Aladip, who expects to win Sunday’s Game 4 for his 2022 playoff debut, in a game he played with a score of 23:04, most in reserve Heath, and finished with six points. eight rebounds and four assists.

“But he really worked hard. He made himself available, ”Spoelstra said. “In his amazing attitude, just come every day in a positive mood, give back to the team.

“And you don’t like it under such circumstances. But we knew something was going to happen, as it always happens with every team in the playoffs. Thanks to the energy he puts into it, he was ready for it. “

At the moment, the opportunity for Oladip is likely to be reduced to injury for Kyle Lowry, as the veteran quarterback suffered a sprained hamstring in the third quarter of The Heat’s Friday Game 3, missed game 4, and was included in game 5.

But Spoelstra also stressed after Sunday’s win that he did not necessarily marry a rotation of nine people, which he mostly limited himself to during the regular season.

“Now there is no rotation of nine people,” he said. “It’s a playoff rotation.”

For Aladip, he remains the same as he was since he debuted in the March 7 season.

“You have to stay in the moment, stay in the moment,” he said. “You can’t control something else, but you can control what’s right in front of you. And you can control your thinking and your approach.

“After all, man, I’m just going to go out and do everything I can to help the team win. As I told you, I am confident in myself and my game. I really feel I can help the team, so I’m going to go and do it to the best of my ability. ”

Little big man

PJ Tucker said he took the opportunity to take minutes in the center in 4 games, after backup center Dewey Deadman got into trouble and when the Hawks moved to a smaller squad.

“I played all season in the top five,” said Tucker, who is on the 6-foot 5 list, about his time at the Houston Rockets. “I love playing in the top five. I think it gives a different look. “

Spoelstra said the seven-week starting center for Bam Adebayo, who missed mid-season due to thumb surgery, made it easier for Tucker to move on Sunday.

“When we had to do it in those months without Bam, I liked it,” Spoelstra said of the alignment. “But, most importantly, we were finally able to see something different just in case we needed it. In this series, we can access it as needed. ”

Injury report

In addition to being on the roster, Monday Heat named Tucker (caviar) and Caleb Martin (ankle) as questionable in Game 5, and both are expected to play. Gabe Vincent (toe) is listed as probable.


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