Did you enjoy the new food in Pittsburgh this year? Despite the negative effects of the pandemic on the economy, there were many new restaurants, breweries, bars and cafes this year.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable discoveries. I’ve organized them into categories to make it easier for you to find the next meal.

☕️ Coffee and tea 🍵

  • Coffee on the hill offers gourmet coffee, espresso drinks, tea, pastries and more in its place at South Side Slopes.
  • Mosaic sheetPittsburgh’s first tea bar match, opened in Lawrenceville with a Japanese premium match right off the farm.
  • Black cat market moved, where else, Garfield. The new space allows them to “expand and finally offer our dream of a bigger cat room and a full coffee shop!”
  • Cafe Clausen twists things on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield with its local organic soft pretzels, fair trade coffee and all-natural ice cream.
  • De Fer Coffee & Teaa Strip district favorite, this year opened its doors at The Highline on the South Side and has another venue in South Auckland.
  • Toning coffeethe woman-owned coffee bar serves gourmet drinks in Lawrenceville, “inspired by world travel and inclusiveness.”
  • Adda Coffee Shop and Tea surprised us all with a new pop-up in downtown Pittsburgh in the Three PNC Plaza corridor and will remain so until the end of 2021 (and will become permanent in 2022 if we’re lucky). Another Adda location is expected to open in the Cultural District.
  • Yinz coffeewhich captured this year’s old Crazy Mocha showcase on the North Side, has opened another location in Bloomfield.
  • Brother Andre’s Cafe is a coffee shop in the renovated basement of the Church of the Epiphany in the Hill area, which employs extraordinary baker Pat and other friends with various disabilities and abilities, according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • Caffeine serves branded Honduran coffee with an Italian twist in the Strip area. The coffee vendor is located in the former premises of Gaucho Parilla Argentina on Penn Ave and specializes in complete coffee experiences. But there’s more: Cafetano also sells cocktails, breakfast, lunch and dessert.

🍳 Breakfast ☕

  • Wake up with breakfast / breakfast / lunch Corner in Lawrenceville. The restaurant is run by the owner nearby Cafe Geppetto and captured the former Coca Cafe on Butler Street.
  • Divvy Coffee & Buns on Forbes Avenue – your newest place for sweet and savory breakfasts, healthy salads and, of course, a variety of freshly cooked beans and unique drinks.
  • Snack Dagny Carnegie serves bagels with suckers, pressed semi, fresh pastries and more.

🍔 Burgers, semi and more 🍗

  • Hamburger and wing owned by black, Return to Foodturemoved to a new location on East Carson Street.
  • A popular popup Burgers in the moonlight opened a brick and mortar on Potomac Avenue in Dormont, where juicy burgers with gorgeous crispy sides are served.
  • Brewing Burgh’ers the Highline in South Side offers craft beers and burgers with names inspired by places in and around Burg.
  • Pittsburgh Sandwich Society a food truck opened next to the brick and mortar Strange Roots ExperimentalAles in Millvale.
  • Gastropub and garage behind parked on Butler Street in Etna at a refurbished car service station and offering food inspired by a trip across America.
  • A popular riverside diner, Farmer x Baker, opened its brick cafe and market at Powers Run Rd. at Fox Chapel, which serves homemade sandwiches with bagels, salads, soup of the day, coffee and tea and more.

🍕 Pizza 🍕

  • On firewood Laurels offers a delicious ‘za’ in East Liberty, as well as a great selection of wines to your pies. This is the place from the team behind Laurelcocktail bar / brewery in the historic Werner building.
  • East End Brewing created East End Chewing. A popular craft brewery in Larimer has opened a kitchen serving rustic pizza with a thick crust. The menu has classic pies as well as unique dishes such as parmesan with eggplant, Reuben and of course pizza inspired pies.
  • Driven opened at Federal Galley on the North Side, where inventive Detroit-style slices of pizza are served, such as PBR, made from pepperoni, banana peppers, ricotta, hot honey, marinade, power and cheddar cheese.
  • Pizzeria and Grill Doughbar on the south side carries pizza, grilled chicken and hagi. Get the best of both worlds with their buffalo chicken pie.

🌮 So and not only 🍚

  • La Bodega has just opened its doors on Carson Street in the South Side and serves tacos, burritos and fresh aguas frescoes.
  • Get fed up with Mexican-American fusion on the mountain Gordo’s Taco and Tequila.
  • You also love tacos The child loves tacos? If so, you can check out his new location at 116 Meyran Ave. in Auckland.
  • A popular Puerto Rican food truck Secrets of Miss Abuelos has taken root along with the Hapa Hawaiian Grill in Uptown, and is probably the only place in the region where you will find spam musubi, chicken mofongo and kalua pork under one roof, ” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

🍜 Ramen, rolls, curry and more 🍛

  • Pusadi Gardenfavorite Thai place Lawrenceville, returned this year (finally) after a long renovation.
  • Oyshi Danburylatest information from Oishii Bento owners in Auckland, serving Korean and Japanese food in Lawrenceville.
  • Jiang’s kitchen in Squirrel Hill gets rave reviews about the depth of its menu. Here’s more about Pittsburgh’s newest Chinese restaurant, via Pittsburgh Magazine.
  • Guy Ginthe long-awaited hand roll and gin bar finally opened downtown in April 2021. Over the years of waiting, restaurateurs Richard Deschants and Tolga Sevdik have decided to create “an elegant, intimate bar that rethinks sushi.”
  • Nanban, from Roger Lee of Ki Ramen and Ki Pollo, combined both menus to offer Asian soulful food: ramen, fried chicken sandwiches, bao and more. That was Lee’s response after Key Ramon was closed due to flooding, which will eventually reopen as a brand new restaurant, NEXT Pittsburgh.

🌍 More flavors of the world 🌎

  • Levi Tratorius is a family-run Italian restaurant in Lawrenceville. Don’t miss a slice Roman style pizza.
  • 40 North serves world cuisine in Alphabet City on the North side, taking over the former Bruges on the North. It shares space with the City of Asylum bookstore and is headed by executive chef Bethany Zozula and beverage director Sam Souter. Both were previously from the popular Whitfield Hotel Ace Restaurant, lane Pittsburgh Magazine.
  • With Almapopular Shadyside restaurant and jazz bar, open Second place in the city center, which brings worldly aromas and sounds to Penn Avenue, directly opposite Heinz Hall. They have also turned their Shadyside restaurant into a completely plant-based menu, serving dishes such as West Indian curry with chickpeas, Peruvian bolognese cooked with seitan, and potato gnocchi. In early 2021, Cona Alma was named one of America’s best bars of 2021. Esquire.
  • African cuisine in Squirrel Hill serve “authentic African cuisine and irresistible exciting flavors”.
  • Abdul Wahid Tabi, a former journalist and teacher who fled Afghanistan in 2015, opened the only Afghan restaurant in the region. Afghan barbecueon E. Maine Street in Carnegie.

🍺 Beer and cocktails 🍸

  • Favorite place in the Northside area, Monterey Pubrecently reopened under a new owner after closing during the pandemic, bringing with it cocktails inspired by Mexican war streets such as Palo Alto (tequila, Italian brandy, lime and orange) and Gus & Yiayia’s (vodka, pomegranate liqueur, cherry) ), TribLIVE reports.
  • Trace Brewing opened in Bloomfield. Bonus: this is the former venue of a concert venue called The Shop with its roots in 1910, City newspaper reported last year.
  • Four points of brewing opened a new location on West Avenue in the North Side.
  • Old Thunder Brewing located in the old post office building in Blanox, bringing strong beer, camps and ale to Freeport Road.
  • Goodlander this is a cocktail brewery in Larimer, where drinks from barrels of carbonated, low-waste cocktails such as Moscow mules, gin and tonics and mojitos are poured. They are sold in reverse glass growers so you can return, replenish and enjoy.
  • Two Frays Brewery opened an apartment in a restored row house on Penn Avenue in Garfield.
  • Golden Age Beer Company serves craft camps at its new premises in Homestead, honoring a story when brewers expressed solidarity with workers in Battle of the Manor in 1892. Brewery with brains behind Independent brewing company and Laurellane Pittsburgh City Newspaper.
  • Margo turned the old department store into the newest café and living room of East Liberty. In the morning they offer coffee, tea and a small breakfast, and when the sun goes down, classic cocktails, shared plates and desserts, according to NEXT Pittsburgh.
  • The Open Road Bar it is a sober social place with over 100 non-booze drinks from around the world. This year it was moved to the second floor above Toning coffee in Lawrenceville.
  • The Bocadillos Bar is a unique place to eat and drink in Brighton Heights, offering gourmet snacks, snacks and craft cocktails using spirits made in Pennsylvania from PA Libations, local craft brews, and the owners have solid cider and wine. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.
  • G on Freedom opened its “full-service restaurant focused on authentic, innovative, creative food and cocktails” on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield, NEXT Pittsburgh reports.

🍩 Sweet treats 🍪

  • Valkyrie donutsa popular pop-up serving sweets for vegetarians across the Thane, is now roasting sweet treats in its new usual location on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue.
  • Gluten-free goatpreviously was a brick bakery in Garfield, restored with a new approach focused on retail, wholesale and direct consumer sales.
  • Treat this is exactly what is served on Walnut Street in Shadeside with its authentic Liège waffles (made from yeast dough with brioche) and locally made ice cream.
  • Fight backan ice cream parlor and coffee shop in North Pittsburgh, has opened a shop on the South Side, serving sweet drinks and refreshments that cheer you up on East Carson St.
  • A new Ohio donut establishment has appeared in Shannon Castle. Madsen donuts comes to 3609 Library Road with 83 years of experience perfecting 12 varieties of traditional pies and donuts. NEXT Pittsburgh.
  • Panaderia Jasmine bakes in mountainous Lebanon a variety of fresh traditional Mexican breads and sweets such as cockatoo (baked pastries resembling crocodile scales sprinkled with sugar) and panque de naranja con chocolate (sweet bread with orange flavor and chocolate glaze).

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