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Election Day is Tuesday, May 17th in Pennsylvania, and hundreds of thousands of ballots have already been received and counted.

Completed ballots by mail must be submitted to polling stations no later than 8pm on election Tuesday for counting in the state primary election.

Around Residents requested 910,000 ballots by mailbut election officials said as of Friday, May 13, district officials had received only about 510,000 people. This figure is expected to increase.

With the countdown to election day, officials have urged voters who have not yet sent their ballots to leave them at polling stations or nearby ballot boxes.

Did they count my ballot paper by mail?

Hundreds of thousands of ballots have already been received by mail, and thousands more are expected to arrive before the election.

The Pennsylvania State Department created a website to check the status of mail and departure newsletters. Voters can do this by filling out a form with their name, date of birth and county.

Voters noted that voters “cannot use the tracker to track the status of the ballot paper they voted for in person on election day.”

(Credit: Pennsylvania Department of State)

Click here to check the status of ballot papers and ballot papers.

Where can I submit my ballot by mail?

Voters who have not yet sent their ballots by mail may vote by taking them to the district polling stations, polling stations on election day or dropping them in the ballot box.

Use the interactive map below to find the nearest ballot box.

When voters leave their ballots in the mail at polling station on election day, election officials say a polling officer will pick them up and change them to a traditional ballot so residents can cast their ballots.

Click here for an interactive map and a complete list of polling stations across the state.

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