“It doesn’t mean the Giants don’t believe in you” – The Morning Call

The Giants said they believed in Daniel Jones, but their decision not to use his fifth-year option said otherwise: that they were insuring their bets.

Jones is smart enough to understand that. As far as the Daily News can tell, he doesn’t lower his head. He is more than ever set to prove his worth as overall No. 6 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

“I personally, watching him and seeing Daniel, he is the same Daniel,” Sakuon Barkley said this week at the United Way charity event in Manhattan. “He comes every day and works because he wants to be great.”

However, several sources in the league are looking at this team and they do not see the optimal situation for Jones to prosper and win immediately, even after Evan Neil’s right-hand pick in the first round.

This is the first year of long-term reconstruction and clearing of the salary limit. So is it fair to expect Jones to turn into a franchise QB if the team around him still doesn’t look ready?

Absolutely, said Hall of Fame member Kurt Warner, who overcame much better chances as a quarterback without a draft than in the first round as Jones.

“Everyone wants to get their big deal two years before the contract ends and wants the teams to commit to them for the next decade, but that’s not working,” Warner, a 50-year-old NFL Network analyst, told Friday News. . “Daniel has to be a realist and say,‘ You know what? I haven’t played at that level yet to say I’m a franchise guy. ”

“That doesn’t mean he can’t,” said Warner, a former giant. “The lack of weapons around him could be the reason why he hasn’t done it yet. And that doesn’t mean the Giants don’t believe in you. That’s not to say they don’t want you to be that defender of the franchise. But the money in this position is insane. “

So Warner said the Giants ’decision to avoid a fifth-year election of $ 22.384 million makes sense to him. He doesn’t think the Giants are talking on both sides of their lips. He believes Jones still has a real chance to close the job in the long run.

“I think it was right on the part of the organization and in line with the way Daniel has played so far,” Warner said. “But I don’t think it contradicts what the Giants are saying. They say we’re going to build a team around him and build the infrastructure so he can show us what he’s going to be like. And if he does, we will sign this deal with him.

“But he hasn’t shown us yet.”

The 24-year-old Jones knows he hasn’t done enough, even though the lack of quality players around him and the number of spinners in the players have contributed to the disappointment.

“I take full responsibility for how I played and we didn’t win enough games,” Jones said in early April. “We didn’t score enough points. We did not do well enough. I take responsibility for that. “

Former QB Jets Ryan Fitzpatyk, who this week asked about Jones ’long chances, looked at the situation optimistically for the QB Giants.

“I think opportunities are all you can ask for in this league, especially as a defender,” Fitzpatick said at the Willy Colonna Golf Charity Summit in New Jersey. “There are only 32 jobs. So to be able to go and play, that’s all you can ask for. And you will either prove it or not. “

One source also noted that the fifth year option would not in any case provide more security for Jones as the 2023 Giants starter. If he played badly this year and they chose the option, the team would still be looking for a quarterback next spring.

If he plays well, they can retain his rights to 2023 with a franchise tag (about $ 31 million) or a transitional label (about $ 28 million), or sign it for the long term.

However, next year GM Joe Shoen will find himself in a difficult spot when Jones defends himself.

Shoen failed to turn this year’s overcrowded draft capital into an additional first round next year. And he also didn’t come up with a quarterback in the middle of the round for coach Brian Deball.

The Philadelphia Eagles, the Houston Texas, the Seattle Seahawks, the Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins have some of the first 2023 entrants, and all five have a chance to take part in the QB sweepstakes.

So while the giants put Jones to notice, they have a lot of riding on his turn around the corner.

However, what exactly would it mean for Jones to take the next step? What does he need to show besides winning more?

Warner said it’s important to “keep expectations” and not demand a “transcendent leap” like Josh Allen, just because Jones is running the same crime that Dabol used in Buffalo. He called Elena a “unique and special” talent.

But he said, “When you play a game, you have to constantly make second-level throws if you’re not playing in a perfect world. And in that attack, Josh Allen got the opportunity to make those second-level throws, and that’s what set him apart – his ability to make those throws. “

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“I’m not sure it’s Daniel’s game,” Warner added. “Is it because of the system and where he was, or because of who he is and how he should play the game? This is the most important question about this crime and fitness. Will they try to get him to do what Josh Allen did? And if they do, Daniel will show us if he can be that guy. “

Giants head coach Brian Debol said on WFAN this week that he wants Jones “not to be afraid of the consequences and to pull the trigger and attack.”

As conservative as Jason Garrett directed the Giants plays in 2020, there was a reason for this strategy: to help Jones defend the ball and restrain failed decisions and twists.

Warner said the Giants will never get a good read about their defender – or compete in a modern game – unless they give Jones the freedom to show he has.

“You will never be a great team and you will not fight for the championship if you keep your defender on a leash if he does not do what is necessary to compete with the best in the league,” Warner said. Here’s an approach you should take to Daniel: “show us”. We want you to be such a guy, now it’s time to do your part and be such a guy. ” If you keep handcuffs on him, you’re just saying he’s not the guy. “

The 25-year-old Barkley, who is playing his fifth year in 2022, may identify himself with the difficult situation and pressure from Jones. And he believes that Jones is ready to lead a “special team”.

“Jay, he’s a damn guy, a damn player,” Barkley said. “The best advice I can give him is the same advice I give myself: keep working and everything else will go by itself. The pieces will fall together. “

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