“It will not happen again” – Morning call

CHICAGO – At one point, on Friday night, Gleiber Torres just walked over to Isia Kiner-Falef and hugged him by the shoulder. Torres was there and understands too well the pressure that causes the Yankees short stop. Keener-Falefa had an unsuccessful spell in defense, he was accused of three errors in the two previous games he started, and then on Saturday he made a big mistake in the baseline.

The Yankees tied the game at the top of the ninth inning when Joey Gallo led out with Liam Hendrix and finished third in the Keener-Falefa single. Gala scored a goal in the sacrificial flight of Kayla Higashioki, but Kiner-Falefa scored the rally, throwing himself out of third base. DJ LeMahieu completed the inning. The White Sox won 3-2 at the bottom of the half.

“Anytime your big guys are with runners in the main position, you can’t be thrown out in that situation,” Keener-Falefa said. “It was a simple play and a bad read, and I’ll learn from it, and it won’t happen again.”

This is in addition to his recent defensive struggle.

He could be accused of two mistakes on Friday night. Keener Falefa has a rating of saved defensive runs of -1 before Saturday night against the White Sox in Guaranteed Right Park. It is in the bottom 36 percent of the above average.

One first Friday, Keener-Falefa took the ball from Luis Robert and then rolled it when he tried to pick it up, and what was supposed to be a double play turned into a busy base for Gerrit Cole. The Yankees’ ace brought them out of this. In the sixth he failed. Shortstop swam to the first high, which allowed Robert to reach the leading serve. Keener-Falefa made no mistake in the game, but the next batter, Shits, planted.

This reduced the Yankees ’lead to 7-3, and Keener-Falefa immediately lowered his head, while Torres approached to pat him on the back.

It came after Keener-Falefa made two mistakes Tuesday night against the Blue Jays – and got the next weekend. On Saturday, however, Aaron Boone brought him back there, not fearing that he would be hit by a snowball.

“No no. Because I think he’s so dynamic and athletic that he’ll survive it,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. “Look, those plays he didn’t do last night, he has to do these two, but I think there’s a share of the field in what’s going on. It’s really soft and watching it from both sides is just really hard. So I think it played out. Now you have to work on it. … But no, I don’t care. In the long run, he will survive it, and this athleticism will continue to show, like most of the year. “

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