James Bay announces his third album Leap | Music

James Bay’s upcoming album, ‘Leap’, comes from a place of pure “joy and positivity” after he became a dad.

Hitmaker “Hold Back the River” and his childhood sweetheart Lucy Smith welcomed their daughter Ada Violet in October, and James revealed that the fact that he first became a father influenced his next song “Electric Light” 2018.

He told NME: “I have never written before in this regard.

“I have never written from the place of such joy and positivity. Lucy and I first got together at 16 and have been together ever since. She supported me from day one. From evenings with an open mic to my biggest shows. It was one adventure after another, but now we are on the biggest of all. We are raising our beautiful daughter Ada. “

Fans of his famous 2015 debut studio album “The Chaos And The Calm” will be happy to hear that he is back to his roots after he started experimenting with electronic sounds during his second studio work.

He explained, “On my second album, I threw a bunch of synthesizers into my music and electronic sounds, and I had a brilliant time pushing the boundaries in that regard.

“This time I’m back to the guitar and an even more truncated sonic type.”

Instead of changing the sound again, the 31-year-old star decided to focus on improving her lyrical play and ended up writing from a “vulnerability site”.

He said: “I will always push the boundaries in the music I make. The boundaries I pushed this time were with the texts. I found a way to write from a place of vulnerability, where I had never gone or written before. “

So far, James has released the singles “Give Me The Reason” and “One Life”, and “Leap” will be released on July 8.


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