Jamila Jamil misses train after ‘miserable’ run | Celebrities

Jamila Jamil and her boyfriend were late for a train one day because he was laughing so hard at her “pathetic” attempts to escape.

The 36-year-old actress stars as Titania in the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk: The Lawyer, but admitted that she previously avoided auditioning for Marvel projects because she felt so frustrated with how fast she was moving that it required a major intervention director Kat Coiro to “convince” her to try it.

She said: “I initially avoided Marvel auditions because I look pretty miserable when I run.

“My boyfriend and I once missed the Eurostar because he stopped laughing at my running. And so I felt very upset.

“Kath called me directly to try and convince me because I had missed both rounds of auditions for any role and just hid like a coward.

However, Jamila admitted Kat “lied” to her and said she wouldn’t have to be involved in anything physical.

She added to Total Film magazine: “She completely lied about the role – there will be no action.”

But with the series of shows behind her, Jamila reckons her run has become a little “less embarrassing” and she’s now in better shape than ever.

She said: “My running is a little less embarrassing [now].

“I had to study jiu-jitsu and martial arts. And I had to learn to do it sometimes in the air, which was a lot of fun. I have to learn how to use a harness.

“Honestly, I’m the most epic person in the world. Such a Brit. Built like July!

“But it was crazy. For a while I became very strong and muscular.’

The actress from the TV series “The Good Place” previously claimed that she withdrew from the “giant action movie” because she did not want to run away.

She said: “I want to do things that I’ve never seen South Asians do. But I don’t want to be a superhero because I hate running. I quit a giant action movie last year because I don’t want to run.

“I have nothing to play in action roles – I know my limits. There’s another Asian girl in there that I’m making room for and she can come in and do it. She can run.


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