Jason Momoa “meets” Aissa Gonzalez Celebrities

Jason Momoa is reportedly dating Aiza Gonzalez.

The Aquaman actor is said to be in a “great place” with the 32-year-old actress five months after parting ways with his wife Lisa Bonet, but the couple’s relationship is not “serious” at the moment.

A source told People magazine: “They are dating. He takes care of her. He’s in a great location, working on “Fast X”. He’s pretty busy and he’s in a good place. “

Another insider added: “They’re both busy but having fun together. So far nothing serious.”

The news came after Jason, who was pictured at the premiere of Ace’s film Ambulance last month, dismissed rumors that he was dating Kate Beckinsale after giving her his jacket at the awards party. Oscar Vanity Fair.

He said: “It was unpleasant. Talk to a woman about her country, I was in England filming Aquaman 2.”

“Everyone says, ‘Are you dating?’ No, no, it was chivalry, the woman was cold. “

Asked if they were dating, he insisted: “Absolutely not, not together. She is very good, I was very good, just a gentleman. Now I do not give my coat to anyone.”

Jason and Lisa announced that they told in a joint statement in which they explained that although they romantically parted amid the COVID-19 pandemic, “the love between [them] continues, ”and they wanted to set an example for their children by freeing each other.

The statement said: “We have all experienced the contractions and changes of these times of transformation … The revolution is unfolding – and our family is no exception … feeling and growing from the seismic shifts that are taking place. And so – we share our Family News – That we are divorcing.

“We share this not because we believe it is worth the news, but so that, while living, we can do it with dignity and honesty.

“The love between us continues, develops in the way she wants to be known and lived. We liberate each other – to be who we learn to become …”

It concluded: “Our steadfast devotion to this holy life, our children. We teach our children what is possible – Life is a prayer that love may prevail.”

The couple are the parents of 14-year-old daughter Lola and 13-year-old son Nakoa-Wolf, and Lisa is the mother of “Batman” star Zoe Kravitz.


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