Jenny Molen had a miscarriage during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 43-year-old actress opened up about how she and her husband, American Pie star Jason Biggs, lost a baby during COVID and was inspired to speak out after Chrissy Teigen recently revealed she lost her son Jack in September 2020 via a life-saving abortion.

Jenni wrote on Instagram: “When @chrissyteigen posted about miscarriage and abortion, I had to stop and think. Jason and I had two miscarriages during our relationship. The first was at the beginning of our relationship and the second was during the pandemic. Both times I needed a DC [dilation and curettage] and received help with abortions, both times I was very grateful to live in a country where this was possible.

“I didn’t want it to happen. But thank goodness I was in such capable hands when it happened.

“I support @chrissyteigen and all the other brave women who are helping to bring attention to this critical issue. (sic)”

Lovers’ Night star Jenny also thanked fellow actress Busy Phillips for “teaching her” to speak out about abortion rights in the US.

She added: “Thank you also @busyphilipps for letting me know time and time again why we shouldn’t be silent. Abortion rights affect us all.

“It’s important to understand that when we say that abortions are life-saving and vital medical procedures, that’s part of what we’re talking about.

“Women in states with such strict abortion bans CANNOT get this help, often having to travel hours of pain and grief to other states. It’s dishonest that politicians who don’t understand how our bodies function are making laws to control them (yeah)”

Her comments came after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which previously protected women’s abortion rights, in June this year.

In January 2019, Jenny opened up about her first miscarriage, which happened after she had been dating now-husband Jason for eight months when she unexpectedly became pregnant.

While she understands how frustrating it can be in other circumstances, Jenny – who now has sons Sid, eight, and Lazla, four, with her husband – felt her miscarriage gave her “a chance to breathe”.

She said: “I ended up having a miscarriage, but it was kind of weird and I wasn’t sad about it. I mean, you can’t be… that’s the thing: I understand women who are forever trying to , who want to give birth to a child and then feel sad because they miscarry.

“But I’ve never had a baby and I’m 27, 28, a miscarriage might as well be like a mitzvah. I said, “Oh my God.” It gave me a chance to breathe.”

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