Jimmy Butler in 45 Heath Heat to victory over Hawks 115-105, leading 2-0 series – Reading Eagles

This is the next transfer that creates fear.

On Sunday, in the first game of this playoff series of the best of the first seven rounds, it happened in the second quarter when the Miami Heat decided the defeat was better than doubt, resulting in a 24-point victory.

On Tuesday night at the FTX Arena, Eric Spoelstra’s team this time rose to the level of the third quarter after Jimmy Butler’s game, on the way to victory over the Atlanta Hawks with a score of 115-105.

Butler topped the Heath, scoring 45 career points in the playoffs, and that included four three-pointers.

As a result, 2-0 in the Heath series will come out on Friday and Sunday at the State Farm Arena, demonstrating on Tuesday that they can win even if Hawks guard Tre Young actually strikes, and even central Bam Adebayo has yet to reached its serial step.

With Butler’s resentment more than enough to make up for 25 from Young, the Heath were able to overcome early turnovers, shaky close and harmful challenges for Adebayo.

Bogdan Bogdanovich added 29 points to the Hawks.

Despite the fact that “Heath” was in the third, and how much they did not carry the momentum in the fourth, increasing by 16 points, it still came to the final minutes: “Hawks” were much more competitive than in the first game .

Five degrees of heat from Tuesday’s game:

1. Closing time: At the end of the opening, “Heath” led with a score of 26-25, at the break – 56-54, and in the third increased the score by 14 points with a series of 16-4, before leading with a score of 87-76 in the fourth.

Then at the beginning of the fourth “Heath” moved by 16 points, but the series with a score of 13-0 led the Hawks to a draw with a score of 94-91 with a score of 6:27.

Kyle Lowry’s 3-point game with a score of 5:41 increased the Heat’s lead to 100-93, and Butler blocked and scored a result that increased the lead to 102-93.

But with three-pointers Young “Hawks” returned with a score of 102-98 with a score of 4:24 to the end, and three-pointers Bogdanovich later played with “Atlanta” with a score of 104-101.

After the Heat advanced with a score of 106-101, Spoelstra won the coaching challenge, Butler exhausted the three-pointer, and that was actually all.

2. Butler’s time: Butler had little to claim, other than eyes on the rim, his 12-point second quarter put him at 21 points in the intermission.

Butler was 6 of 12 off the field and 7 of 7 off the line in the first half.

From there at the start of the third period was his third 3-pony in the evening, raising him to 3 of 4 at night as part of a personal eight-point series in 2 1/2 minutes.

In the middle of the third period he scored more than 30 points, and after a few moments he fouled on a three-pointer, making all three penalties.

In the fourth quarter, he came out with 36 points.

3. Unpleasant mood: Adebayo, in the midst of an uneven start to the series, was forced on the bench with his fourth foul of just 1:22 in the second half.

With backup center Dewey Deadman already with three fouls, Spoelstra went with Caleb Martin, who dropped out of the rotation and limited himself to the cleanup duty in the 1st game. Martin joined at the end of the second period after Adebayo and Deadmon were killed. whistled at their third fouls.

The list quickly leveled off, and shortly thereafter de ‘Andre Hunter of Atlanta and Bogdanovich announced their fourth foul.

But then, with 2:37 left until the third, forward Heath, starting P.J. Tucker, was invited to the fifth foul.

Adebayo was limited to six points and six rebounds in Sunday’s series opening.

4. Young at the start: Limited to eight points in the first game, Young reached that amount of 3:20 left in the starting period, and Atlanta came out in the transition before the Heath set up their defense.

Young closed the first quarter with 10 points and up to 18 at the break.

Young left 1 of 12 off the field with a score of 0 and 7 on 3 points in the first set on Sunday.

But the turnaround also affected Young, his ninth giving him the most in the postseason because of a rival in Heath.

5. Alternative approach to Atlanta: Center Clint Capella is questioned for the series after right knee hyper-flexion during Friday night’s victory in Cleveland, Atlanta this time opened with a smaller sword, and at the center was West Palm Beach Cardinal Newman John Collins.

It was the first start for Collins since March 11th. He has since dropped out due to foot and toe injuries before returning as a reserve in the 1st game. In the 1st game, the Hawks started Onek Okongwa in the center.


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