Jimmy Butler’s ankle causes heat? “It’s as good as I’m going to feel now” – Reading Eagle

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler has revealed he can play through 27 points in a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night, but he also acknowledges that those last three weeks of the regular season could be a delicate balance.

“I know guys know how to walk in hoops,” he said, “they won’t forget how to put the ball in the basket, stop or drive overnight, so you don’t want anyone to get hurt.

“But some guys like to relax, some like to go outside and hoop. I don’t think any path is bad and it will be between players and coaches to find out. “

And perhaps between Butler and coach Eric Spoelstra too, when Butler was walking a bit shaky after his first game from a right ankle sprain.

“I’m fine,” he said. “There will be some more rest and recovery. But it’s as good as I’m going to feel now. And then I have another day until we play on Wednesday. “

Gabe Vincent (toe) and Victor Oladip (back) were not at the Hit on Monday night. Wednesday night’s game against the guest “Golden State Warriors” opens a series of three games in four nights, with a home game against the “New York Knicks” on Friday night and the “Brooklyn Nets” on Saturday night.

“As long as the guys are healthy at the end of the regular season, reaching the playoffs is the most important thing,” said Kyle Lowry.

Attack mode

Lowry has promised to move more into attack mode as the playoffs approach, and this has recently been confirmed: Lowry got 7 out of 13 off the field and 6 out of 11 on a 3-point defeat on Monday night.

“I can always get my guys to attack with my passes,” he said, also making six assists against the 76ers. “But in order for me and me to be successful in the long run, I understand that it starts at the point of attack. Personally for me it’s just to get in rhythm and get to a place where I’m comfortable doing what I need to and helping my team win games.

“We will sort it out along the way. But for me personally, just try to do your best to help my team in the long run. ”

Concerns about coverage

The 76ers postponed the game on Monday, consistently attacking defender Tyler Era’s defense.

“Tyler, that’s what it is,” Lowry said. “We know what the situation will be. We know who to guard and which teams to go to. And Tyler will take the challenge.

“Eventually, he will take up the challenge as a person to try to become a person and we will help him as best we can and also be in the right places and help him.”

Central Bam Adebayo said it was a breakdown of the team.

“They played the same game for the last four minutes. We, the players, need to be adjusted, ”he said.

“I feel like we were so closed in our attack that at the time we weren’t trying to fix our defenses.”

Spoelstra did not play a game of accusation.

“Tyler has been one of our best individual defenders for a year,” he said.

Grandfather is sitting

Center Dewey Deadman was delayed for the second game in a row on Monday as Spoelstra continued to explore opportunities with Marquis Morris at center in the small ball.

“It was more match-based and it could change game to game,” Spoelstra said. “We are so close to the playoffs right now that in the end it will be just a match. He will be ready. “


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