Joel Embid of Sixers clears concussion report involved in shootout – NBC10 Philadelphia

Embid clears concussion protocol, participates in Friday morning shooting originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

UPDATE: Joel Embide is expected to play after attending the pre-game warm-up, Philadelphia-based NBC Sports reporter John Clark reports.

Joel Ambid cleared the NBA concussion protocol, participated in a shootout Friday morning and remains on the roster for the third game of the second round of the Sixers series against Heath, a team spokesman said.

These developments are positive and important for Embiid, who received a concussion and a fracture of the right orbit last Thursday. He also has a torn ligament of the thumb of his right hand.

Clearly, the MVP finalist has made significant progress over the past few days.

“I really don’t know,” Sixers head coach Doc Rivers said after defeating the Sixers in Game 2 in Miami. “Honestly, we talked yesterday (via FaceTime), talked today. … He looked good to say the least, but he needs to go through so many steps. I don’t think he’s cleared any of them now, so we should just wait and see. “

Tyris Maxi, who scored 34 points in Wednesday’s losing game, answered the veteran’s question about Embidi after Friday’s shootout.

“We’re just getting ready to win,” Maxi said. “Hopefully he plays. If he doesn’t play, he doesn’t play. We are just preparing for another game – a game we have to win. “

Embiid status may change until 7 pm game 3.

Passing the league protocol is a key step because a concussion is unique to each person, and initially there is no deadline until the player fully recovers.

While it’s good news for the Sixers that Embid has ticked, his other injuries are significant. After losing in the first round in the 5th game of the Sixers from the Raptors, he admitted that a thumb injury was the reason he played less “freedom”.

He wore a mask four years ago during the Sixers victory in the 1st round over Miami after a fracture of the left orbit and a concussion. Embid returned in the 3rd game, scoring 23 points, seven rebounds, four assists and three blocks in the win for the Sixers.

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