Joey Gala is back at Yankee Stadium but still on the COVID-19 list; Kyle Higashioka returns to the active list, but not in the lineup – The Morning Call

Joey Gala and Kyle Higashioka were physically at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday after staying home on Sunday and Monday because they felt bad. Higashioka felt good enough to return to the active list, but he was not in the starting lineup. Gala and Josh Donaldson are still on the COVID-19 list.

“Joey and Higgie are fine here,” Boone said. “They went through several trainings. They are going very well. Josh [Donaldson] the weather is still bad, so we made him stay home. “

Both Gala and Donaldson continue the negative test for COVID. Boone said that, as far as he knew, no one else at the Yankee Club felt sick. In the wake of a wave of players re-infected with COVID IL, and players who had to be called up from the low leagues in the short term, Boone was asked if it reminded him of the hectic nature of the first two seasons played during the pandemic.

“Twenty-twenty and 2021 looked like a skirmish,” Boone said. “The last few days have been a few hours when it was like a skirmish, but nothing we couldn’t handle.”

After Boone spoke to reporters, DJ LeMahieu was also scratched from the lineup with “discomfort in his left wrist”. He was originally ranked third and in the lead, but an updated map showed Aaron Hicks hitting first and Marvin Gonzalez in the hot corner, beating eighth.

LeMacheu was present at the Yankee Stadium before the game and on the field during the batting practice.

Aroldis Chapman has not spoken since Sunday, the day he publicly admitted he had problems with his left Achilles. On Tuesday, he was officially included in the list of victims of Achilles tendonitis for 15 days.

During his press conference before the game, which took place about an hour and a half before the move became official, Boone called the “probable” scenario a “probable” scenario. His update about Chapman was a bit sunny, but obviously the clouds didn’t completely dissipate.

“Chappie is doing a little better,” Boone said. “He’s getting better.”

Closer to tendon treatment, which, according to Boone, did not include any injections.

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Like Aaron Judge sets fire to everything in its pathAnthony Ritz was noticeably colder.

Ritz’s huge start to the season adds a good layer of paint to his total, but in May he was a .183 striker. The power of the first man from the grassroots also dried up, as nine of his 10 home runs took place in April.

“I feel like it’s a little time,” Aaron Boone said of Ritz’s recent problems on the plate. “Sometimes he was a little late in the fields or just missed in some fields, so the quality of contact was not the same. I think a stable quality of contact is probably as simple as time. ”

Many strikers have bad months at some point during the season, and someone with enough experience like Ritz usually knows how to get back on track. But this stripe should be observed with a 32-year-old guy who has not looked like himself since being infected with COVID last August, especially in the withdrawal department.

A player with a career bounce rate of 0.481, who has five seasons in his career with a percentage of falls north of 0.500, Ritz scored a mysterious 0.397 last season after returning from a list of victims from COVID. His bright start to this season so far is outstanding in his Yankee career.

In April 2022, he scored .675 with 13 additional base strikes and 21 RBIs. In May, those numbers fell to .310, six and four. Perhaps June will return the magic potion to the Ritz bats.

“Hitting can be so changeable, even if you’re very good at it,” Boone said bluntly.

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