John Fetterman, Senate nominee from the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania, suffered a stroke | Pennsylvania

John FiremanLieutenant-Governor of Pennsylvania and a favorite in the primaries of the Democratic Party in the US Senate, on Friday suffered a stroke and is recovering, he said in the statement.

“On Friday I felt bad, so I went to the hospital to get tested. I didn’t want to go – I didn’t think I had to – but Giselle insisted, and as usual, she was right, ”Fetermann said in a statement posted on Twitter, referring to his wife. “I felt bad, but was so focused on the company that I ignored the signs and just kept going.”

“On Friday, it finally caught up with me. I had a stroke due to the fact that the heart clot was in the rhythm of A-fib for too long, ”the statement reads.

“The good news is that I feel much better and the doctors tell me I haven’t gotten any cognitive impairment. I am well on my way to a full recovery, ”Fetterman said.

Doctors are keeping Feterman in the hospital for observation, he said in a statement, but “I have to get out of here soon.”

“The doctors assured me that I would be able to return to the trail, but first I need to take a moment, rest and recover,” he said. “In this race so much is at stake and I will be ready for a tough fight.”

Fetterman insisted that “our campaign is not slowing down and we are still on our way to winning the primaries on Tuesday.”

Fireman too published video from the hospital where he is recovering.

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