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Johnny Cash Water Tower Leak in Arkansas Springs After Bold Shot – NBC10 Philadelphia

Legend of country musician Johnny Cash is honored at the Water Tower in Kingsland, Arkansas, with a silhouette mural standing in his signature pose with a red guitar.

Earlier this month, the mural changed slightly when a vandal punched a strategic hole in the mural, making it look like it was peeing from a water tower.

“Someone took down our water tower, took off the silhouette of Johnny Cash in a very sensitive area,” said Mayor Luke Neal. KARK. “It’s been the last – almost a week.”

The city loses about 30,000 gallons of water a day, and repairs could cost $ 5,000. Neil said the water in the city could change as they will have to switch to running water during the repairs.

In case of abuse, vandals can be prosecuted for interfering in vital operations in the city.

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