Jonathan Groff appears in Amy Schumer’s new series “Life and Beth,” which airs on Hulu starting today | Entertainment

Jonathan Grof, a Broadway film and television actor who is also a native of Lancaster County, is in the new Hulu series “Life and Beth” with actor, comedian – and soon co-host of the Academy Awards – Amy Schumer. The premiere of all 10 episodes of the show is scheduled for today, March 18, on the streaming service.

In the show, Sumer plays Beth, a wine expert from Manhattan who copes with the loss by returning to childhood on Long Island in retrospect and then decides to leave her boyfriend, work and town in a small town, the bucolic area of ​​her youth. She is attracted to a farmer played by Michael Serra. But on the way to this possible relationship Beth meets an egocentric coach played by Grof.

Despite his limited role in the show – he is in the 4th series of the series called “Pancakes” – Count’s work on “Life and Beth” is noticed by critics. Mike Powers НПР Amanda Whiteing calls her role a “dim, hard coach”. from IndieWire mentions “the very funny Jonathan Groff as the personal trainer of a small town, mesmerized by Beth’s brilliant life in the‘ City ’,” and Mike Hale of New York Times says: “Jonathan Groff appears in an amusing way in the role of the Long Island Lottery, who is attracted to Beth because of her connection to Manhattan; his obsessive love of the city right from Billy Joel’s early song ”.

It was recently announced that Grof starred in M. Knight Shemalan’s new film “Knock on the Cabin.”

The Earl grew up in Ronks and is a graduate of Conestoga Valley High School. He recently spent time with local students from theater programs in the Conesto Valley and the school districts of Hampfield.

He recently starred in the action movie “Resurrection of the Matrix”, starred as a plastic surgeon in the recent sequel “Sex and the City” and “Just like that …”, known for his roles in the series. “Mind Hunter”, “Looking” and “Glee”, and voiced Christoph in the popular Disney cartoons “Frozen”.

The Earl shared the Grammy Award for his theatrical album with his Broadway counterparts in The Spring Awakening and Hamilton, both of which also earned him Tony Award nominations, and the latter won him an award as a television film. Emmy nomination.

Sumer is set to host the Oscars on Sunday, March 27, along with Regina King and Wanda Sykes.

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