Josh Donaldson’s comment to Tim Anderson leads to clearing the bench bench in the Chicago White Sox defeat of the New York Yankees – Reading Eagles

Appointed New York Yankees striker Josh Donaldson has run between second and third base after Isia Kiner-Falefa completed his third inning, taking off on Saturday at Yankee Stadium.

It was then that Chicago White Sox short stop Tim Anderson said Donaldson “made a disrespectful comment”.

“Basically, Jackie Robinson tried to call me, ‘What happened, Jackie?’ ”Said Anderson after defeating the Sox 7-5. “I do not play like that.

“He made a comment and it was disrespectful. I don’t think it was called for.

“It happened the first time he came out (in the second inning) and I felt sorry for him this time. And it happened again. And it was just unnecessary. “

After two innings the bench and the bullpen were cleared.

When Donaldson approached the plate in the fifth, he and Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal exchanged words. In a few minutes both the dugouts and the bullpen were empty.

“It provoked his comment,” Grandal said. “This game has gone through a period of time when a lot of such comments have been made and I think we are far from that. This is simply unacceptable.

“I thought it was a low blow and I’m going to make sure I have my back to my team. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. This is unacceptable. “

Sox manager Tony La Rousseau added: “He made a racist comment, Donaldson. And that’s all I’ll say. “

Anderson had to be restrained by teammates Jose Abreu and Gavin Shits. There were no emissions after the benches were cleared.

Donaldson told reporters in New York: “In the first inning, I called him ‘Jackie.’ Let me give a little context. In 2019, he came out with an interview in which he said he’s the new Jackie Robinson in baseball, he’ll bring back the fun of the game, right? In 2019, when I played for Atlanta, we joked about it in the game. I don’t know what has changed since (then) and I’ve been telling him this from years past, no other than just a joke. So what he called himself was Jackie Robinson.

“If something has changed from that, I mean it’s not any term that tries to be racist on any facts. It was just out of the interview as he called himself, and when we said it before, we joked, he laughed. As you can tell in our series that we played, there are times when I tried to dispel the situation. I took responsibility for the tag (May 13 in the guaranteed rate field). I didn’t try to do anything there. Today we’re just trying to dispel it like making light, like, hey, we’re not trying to start any fights or anything like that. Obviously, he found this disrespectful, and if so, I apologize. That’s not what I tried to do either way. “

This was the second case this season in the teams with the cleaning of benches.

May 13 on the field with a guaranteed rateSox loaded the base with one in the first.

The letters were struck out, and Yankee catcher Jose Trevin threw a third to try to get Anderson. Shortstop safely did so by diving, but Donaldson, playing third, tried to push him away from base.

The benches and bullpen were cleaned for a while.

Anderson appreciated the support from teammates.

“We’re a family here,” Anderson said. “We take care of each other. All this love in our locker room. We really don’t deal with such lunatics. We try to keep this away from our vibrations and what is happening. It shows how connected we are. “

Grandal added: “I’m sure any other team would have reacted the same way. As I said, such comments are simply unacceptable. It cannot be allowed. I’m sure not only we, but anyone else would react the same way. Maybe even worse. “

When the game resumed, Reynald Lopez’s reliquary struck out Donaldson. At the time, the Sox were 6-3 behind. They pulled in a row with a score of 6-5, but failed to complete the comeback and hit for the first time in a series of three games.

The Yankees scored five runs in the second against starter Dallas Keichel, with two Grand Slam appearances by DJ LeMahieu on the right becoming a big hit.

Keichel allowed six runs on six strokes with three moves (one intentional) and no strikeouts in four innings.

Yankee starter Nestor Cortes has allowed three runs on six strokes (two from Anderson) with seven throws and no output in five innings. Aubrey hit Homer with three runs from Cortes with two outs in the third.

The Sox twice killed rescuer Michael King in the sixth. Llory Garcia had a double in the RBI and scored in a double by Josh Harrison to reduce the Yankees ’lead to 6-5.

The Yankees responded with a series in the sixth and held on to victory, their fourth win in five games against the Sox.


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