Justin Bieber is blacklisted by Ferrari for blue paint Celebrities

Justin Bieber was blacklisted by Ferrari for changing the color of his car to neon blue.

Hitmaker “Love Yourself” violated the Italian carmaker’s code of conduct by painting its white Ferrari 458 Italia because the brand has strict rules to make sure Ferrari’s prestige is maintained.

Justin once lost his car after a long night party in Los Angeles back in 2016 and also put the car up for charity auction.

Website luxurylaunches.com reported that other modifications of Bieber included “ugly flared wings” and “aftermarket discs”.

The site added: “It’s immediately a red flag for Ferrari, as the brand sees it as sacrilege.”

Ferrari has rules that stipulate that the owner cannot sell his car in the first year and that they inform the company in advance so that it can buy it back. Unauthorized changes are also not allowed.

28-year-old Justin is not the first star to break the rules, as 50 Cent, Nicholas Cage and Kim Kardashian found themselves in hot water with a galloping horse.

Fabio Barone, president of the world’s largest Ferrari driver’s club, supports the move to preserve the dignity of the manufacturer.

He said: “Ferrari is a work of art, so the manufacturer sends a message that it needs to be protected,” – that’s right.

Meanwhile, Justin revealed that he had an “emotional breakdown” after marrying his wife Hailey Bieber in 2018.

The pop star said, “It’s a journey. I remember when I first got married, I had a little emotional breakdown because I thought marriage would fix all my problems, but it didn’t. A reflection of that, dude, you’re a little hypocritical. “


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