Keira Sedgwick banned Kevin Bacon from ‘dancing to ‘Footloose’ dressed as a giant peanut” for a commercial.

The 64-year-old actor has been married to the 57-year-old actress since 1988 and he revealed that she “doesn’t like it when people talk about food”.

Kevin, who starred in the 1984 musical drama ‘Footloose’, shared: ‘It’s true that I had to give up dancing to ‘Footloose’ dressed as a giant MandM peanut for a commercial because my wife doesn’t like it being talked about. food.

“It’s just what she has. When she sees talking grapes, it freaks her out. When the possibility came up that I could be a talking MandM, she just said, ‘No, that’s too far.'”

Despite this, over the past decade Kevin has starred in a number of adverts for UK mobile phone operator EE.

The Hollywood star actually enjoyed shooting light commercials because he always found it difficult to get comedy roles in the film industry.

Kevin told the Guardian newspaper: “I have been involved in EE for over ten years.

“One of the first things I said was that the videos were funny and that I got to laugh at myself. I love comedy, but in our industry, comedy is a club where you’re a member and I am.” I was never able to crack that friendship. It’s never too late.”

Kevin finds it difficult to switch between different genres of film.

He explained: “If only I had my friends [choice], I think I’d rather be known as a dramatic actor who wants to do comedies every now and then, rather than a famous comedy actor who wants to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor. Our industry makes this transition much more difficult.”

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