Tuesday morning it was a surreal scene outside the Nets training base, just half a mile from where the gunman opened fire on a crowded N train in Brooklyn.

Helicopters were buzzing around Sunset Park, searching for a runaway gunman who threw smoke bombs, leaving several unexploded, and at least 13 people injured.

An employee in the lobby of the HSS training center asked the security guard about the security measures of the building, asked why the front door was not closed, and said that she needed to pass the information to concerned colleagues.

“It’s bulletproof glass,” the woman asked.

Proximity has not lost members of the Nets, who were preparing for Tuesday night’s match against the Cavaliers. The train that was attacked stopped at 36th Street Station in Sunset Park, and when the door opened, the injured passengers collapsed on the platform, others ran out of the train car. This metro station is closest to the Nets training base.

Most players heard about the attack when driving to the morning shooting or upon arrival.

“It’s very close,” said guard Goran Dragic. “Somehow scary, how close. I’ve been to the subway a couple of times, but now I have my doubts. “

Coach Steve Nash said the issue of canceling the shootout is not being considered because the team has already assembled.

“In fact, we didn’t know any details,” Nash said. “They just said, ‘There’s something going on.’ That’s all we knew. I’m still not even sure what exactly happened. When we received some information, we seemed to be in the process. “

An armed man, who was wearing a gas mask and a construction vest, opened fire on unsuspecting passengers of train N around 8:30 a.m., shooting five to 10 people. This was reported by sources in law enforcement Daily News. He was still at large when the Nets held a shootout that began at 10 p.m.

Kevin Durant’s first hint of panic was a textual traffic warning.

“I just found out there will be some movement,” the former MVP said. “But they always write to us when there is a traffic jam, and come a little earlier. But I didn’t know the specific reason until I got into the building. You see the helicopters ahead. You just want it to work out. ”

“It’s just devastating to hear about it,” Durant added. “I don’t know too many details, but to hear the sirens in front of the school and see so much fuss going on outside, you hope and pray for the best for everyone involved.”

The Nets could take seventh place and a place in the playoffs, winning Tuesday night.

“Obviously this is a very tragic morning,” Nash said. “We are devastated for the community and those directly involved. I don’t know all the details, so I don’t want to delve into it. But we just make sure that all participants try to prepare for the task as best as possible. “


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