Kevin Durant said losing in the MVP race due to a mid-season injury would not be the end of the world.

After the Nets fans chanted the MVP several times Durant’s 38-point result in the mandatory victory on Friday over the Portland Trail Blazers, Durant suggested he knew he would not be a finalist for the Most Valuable Player nomination because of an MCL sprain that denied him access a month and a half after mid-January after the NBA on Feb. 20. Break all the stars.

Durant averages about 30 points per game with 52% shooting off the field, but although there are no minimum requirements for games played to be eligible for an MVP award, a pool of more than 100 media members has historically played games missed against players. during the vote.

However, Durant received the award in 2014 – an honor he dedicated to his mother Wanda Durant. That’s why he’s not losing sleep due to his absence from many potential MVP elections this season.

“No, it’s not upsetting,” he said. “I felt like winning an MVP and it doesn’t confirm me as a player. I mean, I know what I can do. So it’s always nice to have home fans, love your hometown, and it’s great when fans recognize you as one of the best players in the league, but no, I wouldn’t say I’m angry or angry that I was injured. It’s just part of the game, but I understand what type of player I am. “

Durant has identified four players who he believes will lead the race for the MVP this season: Joel Embiid of Philadelphia, Demar DeRozan of Chicago, Ja Marant of Memphis and Nicola Jokic of Denver.

He believes the ultimate winner, however, is playing alongside his former teammate James Harden.

“I’ll probably go to Joel’s,” Durant said. “It’s so many great players playing at a high level, dude, like I said the other day: the league is in a great place.”

ankles KARY

Shooter Seth Curry said his ankle feels neither better nor worse after a 38-minute game against the Blazers on Friday.

Curry scored 27 points when shooting from a 9 out of 14 field and scored seven three-pointers in his first game back after missing three games in a row due to ankle pain. Curry said he was dealing with an ankle problem from a “probably a month before” trade on Feb. 10 that sent him along with Ben Simmons and Andre Drummond to Brooklyn.

“It’s been a while,” he said. “It’s something I just have to manage and do before the off-season.”

Curry said an ankle injury is not a situation where he wakes up in the morning and can tell if he will be available to play.

“It’s not something that will disappear,” he said. “So until it gets worse, I have to be good.”


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