Keys for the City returns the piano to Lancaster; that’s when and where | Entertainment

Again the streets will come alive with the sounds of music.

The non-profit organization Music for Everyone of Lancaster County will host refurbished pianos in various locations in Lancaster, beginning Friday, May 20th.

A record 18 pianos will be placed throughout the city, each painted by a different local artist or organization.

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New this year are two themed pianos, each serving a broader purpose for the community, according to Music for Everyone.

The project of the non-profit organization “Songs for Justice” is in the spotlight, as well as the winners of the competition “Pursuit of Justice” 2021 Extraordinary Give.

Read the list of pianos, venues and performers below and visit for more information:

Mussertown Neighbors Piano, designed by Shona Yorty, 425 S. Shippen St.

MFE Community Piano, developed by Fonk Shack Art Collective, 30 W. Orange St.

YWCA piano, designed by Ki Ferguson, 110 N. Lime St.

Construction piano CH&E, designed by Stacey Hamel, 53 McGovern Ave.

The pursuit of piano justice, designed by Keisha Feeney, 42 N. Prince St.

Piano songs for justice, developed by The Switchboard Collective, 225 N. Queen St.

Lancaster LGBTQ + Coalition piano, designed by Eli Cochran, 5 N. Duke St.

Piano The Willow Valley Communities, designed by Chris Karao and Kelly Loy, 106 S. Queen St.

American Musical Theater, piano, developed by McCasky High School, 49 W. Chestnut St.

Piano Tellus360, designed by Elizabeth R. Martin Elementary School, 24 E. King St.

Lancaster County Piano Foundation, designed by Andy Mets Peng Square

Lancaster Central Market Piano, designer Claudia Rojas, 22 E. Chestnut St.

The Lancaster Arts Hotel Piano designed by Adam Serrano, 300 Harrisburg Ave.

Piano for World Church Service, designed by Erica Milner, 308 Lincoln Highway

Samuel Walton and Clayton Steef Memorial Pianos, designed by Ashley Kendrick Kennedy, 135 N. Lime St.

The Atlee Hall Piano, designed by King Elementary School, 100 N. Queen St.

Piano C Notedesigned by Andrew Sylvus, 555 N. Charlotte St.

Piano South Ann Concerned Neighborsdesigned by Darlene Bird, South Ann Street (specific location not yet announced)

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